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  • Micron Launches Phase-Change Memory for Mobile Devices

    Is phase-change memory, acronymed PCM and discussed for the last six years as a potential replacement for NAND flash, finally ready for prime time? Solid-state semiconductor maker Micron Technology July 17 claimed to be the first in the industry to make available high volumes of its 45-nanometer phase-change memory chip for mobile devices. The Boise, Idaho-based company's 45nm PCMs are targeted for high-end feature-type phones, with its longer-range strategy to build them for smartphones and tablet ...

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  • iPhone 5 Rumors Could Hurt Apple, But Benefit Verizon, ATandT

    Smartphone and tablet usage is up, Americans are burning through more data than ever, and the wireless carriers, which have invested billions of dollars to get to this point, are beginning to enjoy the results. They’re also enjoying what the Apple iPhone has helped to create, even in absentia. ATT this quarter announced its “best-ever wireless margins,” a $1 billion wireless data revenue increase from a year ago, and sales of 5.1 million smartphones. Wireless service ...

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  • Apple vs. Samsung Patent Trial Begins: 10 Things You Should Know

    Apple vs. Samsung Patent Trial Begins: 10 Things You Should Know ( Page 1 of 2 )Apple and Samsung are locked in what might just be the biggest patent infringement litigation campaign of the 21st century in courtrooms around the world. The latest phase of this campaign brought both sides to a trial in the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. where they are accusing each other of violating patents they ...

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  • Liferay Enterprise Apps Marketplace Goes Live

    Liferay, maker of an enterprise-class, open-source portal, has announced the public launch of Liferay Marketplace, a new marketplace that offers more than 70 enterprise tools and apps developed by Liferay. As part of this launch, Liferay also invites independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers to begin developing apps for Liferay Marketplace. Availability of third-party apps created by ISVs will be in the next phase of Liferay Marketplace, which will include additional functionality such as built-in transaction and payments processing, the company said. Liferay ...

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  • Google Updates Search Algorithms, Expands Knowledge Graph

    In the quest to provide the best search engine possible, Google announced this week an upgrade to the company’s search algorithms as well as the expansion of the Knowledge Graph, a database of more than 500 million real-world people, places and things with 3.5 billion attributes and connections among them. Starting next week, Google will begin taking into account a new signal in their rankings, adding to the list of more than 200 signals the ...

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