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  • IBM Predictive Analytics: How It Helps Tame Big Data

    IBM recently announced new consulting services and software that take the power of predictive analytics to new levels of impact for the highest-priority issues of corporate decision makers–those in the C-suite. The new analytic offerings address the emerging opportunities of big data to manage financial operations, decrease fraud and nurture next-generation customer relationships. Based on experiences drawn from more than 20,000 analytics engagements, the new solutions combine innovations developed by IBM Research with new ...

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  • IT Administrators Experience High Stress Levels

    As part of National Stress Awareness Month, which kicked off April 1, GFI Software announced the results of its IT Admin Stress Survey, which found that 67 percent of IT administrators have considered switching careers due to job stress. Managers, users (employees) and tight deadlines were cited as the biggest job stressors. Survey results also revealed that IT professionals tend to work long hours, with one-third working the equivalent of 10 additional weeks per year. ...

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  • How Google GDrive Will Impact Cloud Storage Market

    How Google GDrive Will Impact Cloud Storage Market ( Page 1 of 2 )It only took Google six or so years to get its long-anticipated GDrive cloud storage service out the door and into general circulation, but it finally did happen on April 24. What a relief. Now we can stop talking about the "planned" cloud service and just call it "Goog's cloud storage service." To its credit, the company has a good sense of ...

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  • Microsoft Invests $300M in Barnes and Noble, Settles Patent Flap

    Microsoft and Barnes Noble have entered into an agreement by which Microsoft will invest $300 million in Barnes Noble’s new digital and college book business, thereby settling its patent battle with the book seller, contributing to the creation of a new subsidiary and taking a 17.6 percent share of that business. The new Barnes Noble subsidiary, which will build on the history of innovation in digital reading technologies from both companies, ...

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  • IBM: Role of Chief Security Officer is Evolving

    Senior executives in charge of security are finding their roles changing as they deal not only with the growing rates of data breach and hacker attacks but also by the increasing interest from CEOs and others in the safety of their companies’ most valuable information, according to a survey from IBM. As a result, chief information security officers (CISOs) are becoming a more significant presence in corporate boardrooms with a greater input into strategy, ...

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