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  • 10 Facebook Home Features That Will Impress Social Networkers

    Facebook Home is perhaps the most surprising mobile application announcement of the year so far. The world's largest social network, seeing an opportunity in the mobile space, has unveiled a new product, called Facebook Home, that's designed to run on top of Android and become the centerpiece of its entire mobile experience. The application is capable of running on certain handsets and can be downloaded from the Google Play marketplace starting April 12, but will ...

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  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer CES Keynote: Windows Most Important

    LAS VEGAS—Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage Jan. 9 for what could very well be his last keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As predicted by many in the tech media, his talk focused primarily on Windows Phone, Microsoft’s designs on living-room entertainment, and the upcoming Windows 8.   But most of all, Ballmer wanted to talk about the “Metro” design aesthetic that increasingly unites its properties, referring to it as a “star attraction” across “all the user experiences” ...

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  • WordPress Sites Under Massive Password-Guessing Attack

    A Web-security firm warns that attackers are likely building a botnet of WordPress servers to support future distributed denial-of-service attacks. As a popular way to create blogs, news portals and corporate sites, the WordPress content-management software ...

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  • Apple Delays China iPhone 4S Sales After Crowd Turns Angry

    Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai have delayed the release of the iPhone 4S after a scene outside a Beijing store turned ugly early Jan. 13, with angry crowds fighting and throwing eggs at one of the buildings. Crowds of hundreds, according to the Associated Press, waited outside overnight in 20-degree temperatures, only to be told in the morning—after the flagship store in Beijing didn't open at 7 a.m. as expected, and the crowd became rowdy—that the store would not open ...

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  • Mobile Devices, Apps Bite into Navigation Device Sales

    As smartphones and tablets become more prevalent, personal navigation device (PND) sales have suffered, though emerging markets offer opportunities. Growing smartphone adoption and broader availability of attractively priced location-based services are key factors for growing usage ...

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