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  • Adobe Launches ‘Primetime` Video Publishing, Advertising and Analytics Platform

    At both the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Annual Leadership Summit and Mobile World Congress, Adobe Systems announced a new fully integrated video technology platform, code named Project Primetime, to enable smooth, TV-like experiences for ad-supported videos across Web-connected devices. This new platform delivers premium video and ad content consistently across all major platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, desktop operating systems and connected TVs, said ...

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  • FBI Director:Information Sharing Is Key to Battling Cyber-Crime

    SAN FRANCISCO — The United States is taking the lessons it has learned from combating global terrorism and is starting to apply those to fighting cyber-crime, as well as a cyber-spying, said FBI Director Robert Mueller, who spoke at the 2012 RSA Conference. The key to all of this, Mueller added, is cooperation. The private and public sectors need to work together to share information on the latest threats and defensive strategies, said Mueller during his March 1 keynote speech. Unless ...

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  • Malware as a Service, Zeus Trojan Variants 2012 Security Trends: Verisign

    Verisign researchers, looking at what happened in the world of security in 2011 to get a better feel for what to expect this year, are warning against cyber-attackers beginning to offer customers more services and leveraging the Zeus Trojan as an open-source kit. But it’s not all bad. The Verisign researchers, in a report released this week, also said that using sandboxes can make it significantly more difficult and costly for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. “Currently, only two public demonstrations of bypassing sandboxes ...

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  • New iPad Will Have Enough Retina Display Screens: Analyst

    Despite lengthening shipment times for a new iPad with a high-resolution Retina Display—which now stand at 2-3 weeks—some analysts believe Apple will have relatively little trouble fulfilling orders for the new tablet in the months ahead. “Despite widespread concerns, we believe there will be enough screens for the new iPads,” Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies Co., wrote in a co-authored March 13 research note. “We believe that builds of 12 [million] to 15 [million] for iPads in [first calendar ...

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  • Okta Boosts Single-Sign On for SaaS

    Okta provides on-demand, single-sign on and access management for organizations that use one or more cloud or web applications during the workday.  Okta isn’t great at managing the login process for on-premise applications and IT managers who have a mix of cloud and on-premise apps may want to consider a more traditional identity and access management implementation from CA, NetIQ (which inherited the Novell identity management tools) or Oracle (which acquired Passlogix.) The ...

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