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  • Microsoft Creates Bing Fund to Nurture Startups

    Microsoft is seeking to nurture startups with the creation of the Bing Fund, an angel investment fund targeted at companies developing online or mobile innovations. The Bing Fund will also serve as an incubator, giving fledgling companies support in a numbers of ways, including providing subsidized access to Bing application programming interfaces (APIs), advice from various subject matter experts and access to the resources of Microsoft Research, the company said in a July 12 blog ...

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  • Grum Botnet Shutdown Sharply Cuts Spam Levels, but for How Long?

    One of the world's largest spamming botnets has been knocked out of commission—though it is unclear just how long the respite users may be seeing from spam will last. Grum, which may have been responsible for roughly 20 percent of the world's spam, has been taken offline. Dutch authorities got the ball rolling July 16 when they took down two of the command-and-control (CC) servers to IP addresses and, which researchers at IT security company FireEye had linked to the ...

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  • ATandT Lessens Its iPhone Reliance with Robust Data Revenue Strategy

    ATT's new, strategic initiatives will help the carrier to grow data revenue by 18 percent year over year in the third quarter of 2012, according to a June 24 report from Technology Business Research (TBR). Apple's iPhone was a business changer for ATT, which was for years was the only U.S. carrier to offer the device. Sprint's CEO has called the iPhone the predominant reason that customers churn—consumers go to where the iPhone is—and consequently the carriers have pursued the ...

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  • Google Fiber Arrives in Kansas City: Do Users Care?

    Google Fiber Arrives in Kansas City: Do Users Care? ( Page 1 of 2 )After being chosen more than two years ago by Google as the place to unveil its fledgling Google Fiber gigabit-speed Internet and cable television services, residents of Kansas City are already signing up to be the first customers now that Google has started to take preregistrations. In interviews today with eWEEK, a sampling of three Kansas City residents ...

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  • VMware`s Cloud Foundry Eclipse Integration Supports Tunneling

    VMware’s Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service (PaaS) team has announced a new release of Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse, which features the ability to open a tunnel to any Cloud Foundry data service. With the new integration, Eclipse users can use familiar client applications to directly analyze, manipulate, or port the data contained in their Cloud Foundry applications, said Nieraj Singh, a member of the Cloud Foundry team, in a blog ...

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