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  • Ellison Raps Google for Not Licensing Java

    Day 2 of the Oracle vs. Google intellectual property argument over who owns which part of the open source Java programming language featured testimony by a couple of key Larrys and Google's first defense against Oracle's opening-day barrage of charges in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison, who has never seen a spotlight he didn't like, appeared to be comfortable on the witness stand April 17 in his company's lawsuit ...

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  • Google Launches Free Gmail Analytics Tool

    Google has launched yet another free service for its Gmail and G+ subscribers. Gmail Meter, activated for general use on April 19, enables Gmail users to become more aware of their email habits and tendencies.  It analyzes email writing and filing patterns to present an overall sense of how email is being used. For example, most people probably don't think about whether they tend to write long or short messages; chances are they write as much as they need to write ...

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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Does Not See Tablets, Laptops Converging

    Apple’s Tim Cook once joked that if the Mac group and the iPad group were different companies, and the former was trying to build a device that could compete against the latter, what it would build is the MacBook Air. In other words: the opportunity for Apple products to compete again each other could hardly be greater, but Apple couldn’t care less. Or, as Cook put it during the January 2011 earnings call: “Cannibalization ...

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  • Attackers Add Ransomware to Bank Fraud Malware: Security Researchers

    A notorious malware platform targeting financial information has added a new trick to its portfolio–a digital version of hijack and ransom. According to security firm Trusteer, the Citadel malware platform is delivering ransomware that hijacks victims' computers. Ransomware works by restricting access to infected computer systems so that the attackers can extort payment in exchange for restoring access. In this case, the ransomware, known as Reveton, locks the compromised computer down and displays a message demanding $100 ...

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  • Smartphones 2012: 10 Essential Features Most Models Will Have

    Smartphones 2012: 10 Essential Features Most Models Will Have ( Page 1 of 2 )The smartphone market is heating up in a big way, now that summer is on its way and every company, from Samsung to Motorola, is trying to attract consumers before Apple announces its new iPhone 5. Which models will prove popular with consumers will, however, is unknown at this point other than the one with the Apple logo ...

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