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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Does Not See Tablets, Laptops Converging

    Apple’s Tim Cook once joked that if the Mac group and the iPad group were different companies, and the former was trying to build a device that could compete against the latter, what it would build is the MacBook Air. In other words: the opportunity for Apple products to compete again each other could hardly be greater, but Apple couldn’t care less. Or, as Cook put it during the January 2011 earnings call: “Cannibalization ...

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  • Attackers Add Ransomware to Bank Fraud Malware: Security Researchers

    A notorious malware platform targeting financial information has added a new trick to its portfolio–a digital version of hijack and ransom. According to security firm Trusteer, the Citadel malware platform is delivering ransomware that hijacks victims' computers. Ransomware works by restricting access to infected computer systems so that the attackers can extort payment in exchange for restoring access. In this case, the ransomware, known as Reveton, locks the compromised computer down and displays a message demanding $100 ...

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  • Smartphones 2012: 10 Essential Features Most Models Will Have

    Smartphones 2012: 10 Essential Features Most Models Will Have ( Page 1 of 2 )The smartphone market is heating up in a big way, now that summer is on its way and every company, from Samsung to Motorola, is trying to attract consumers before Apple announces its new iPhone 5. Which models will prove popular with consumers will, however, is unknown at this point other than the one with the Apple logo ...

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  • iOS 6 to Drop Google Maps for Apple Maps App: Report

    Apple may be on the verge of dropping Google’s mapping technology for a brand new in-house maps application using 3D mapping technology by C3 Technologies, which the company acquired in 2011. This followed earlier acquisitions of mapping-software companies Placebase and Poly9, which led analysts to think Apple was trying to wean its iOS devices off Google Maps. That day may be fast approaching, if the “trusted sources” quoted by ...

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  • Carriers Roll Out Mobile Emergency Alerts

    Look out for emergency messages from the government on your smartphone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and wireless carriers are rolling out emergency alerts, called the Wireless Emergency Alert, or WEA, system, via text-like messages on mobile phones to allow federal, state and local governments to issue critical alerts. The free alerts could come from the president, National Weather Service or local emergency operations, and they may include AMBER alerts on missing children. AMBER alerts ...

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