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  • 10 Linux Distros Every IT Manager Should Know

    The ability to customize Linux to run on various types of hardware and to suit specific user needs means there are more flavors of Linux-based operating systems available than Ben Jerry’s Ice Cream. While administrators generally stick with the well-known ones, such as Canonical's Ubuntu, Attachmate's Novell SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their servers and desktops, they are beginning to see other flavors sneaking into the enterprise. A recent Dell KACE ...

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  • Ex-Nokia Brand Vertu Selling TI Android Smartphone for $10,500

    Vertu, the luxury brand Nokia sold 90 percent of in 2012, has introduced a new smartphone, the $10,500 Android-running TI. As Nokia works to court developing markets with its new Asha 310, one of the least-expensive ...

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  • 10 iPhone 4S Apps You Can`t Live Without

    Now that you’ve got your shiny new iPhone 4S in your hands (if it’s not plugged into the wall recharging), you’re probably already browsing the thousands of apps available on Apple’s App Store. While there are certainly an incredible number of apps you’ll find useful, whether to pass the time while waiting in line, booking flights and hotel reservations, or finding free WiFi in whatever city you’re in, there are some apps ...

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  • HTC One With BlinkFeed Is a Feature- and Media-Rich Smartphone

    HTC's countdown clock timed out Feb. 19, and at a New York City event, which was streamed live to a venue in London, the smartphone maker introduced the One. Not to be confused with the One X, the One is the smartphone model that HTC is banking on to boost its brand appeal and win over consumers who might otherwise have eyes for Android-running Samsung devices or the iPhone 5. The One runs the Jelly ...

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  • Intel Expanding Number of Motherboards, Server Software Offerings

    SEATTLE, — Intel is continuing the aggressive expansion of the hardware, software and services offerings the chip maker offers to systems makers to sell to businesses. In the first half of 2012, Intel’s Enterprise Platform and Services Division (EPSD) will roll out 12 new platform offerings—such as motherboards for servers and workstations—that not only will hit mainstream enterprises, but also will be targeted at such areas as high-performance computing (HPC), cloud computing environments, embedded devices and smaller businesses. At a press briefing during the SC ...

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