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  • Server Management, Troubleshooting Ties Up IT Departments: Rackspace

    IT teams from midsized U.K. and U.S. businesses polled still spend more than half (56 percent) their time on server management and troubleshooting in a typical month, and only 28 percent on strategic, "value-added" activities, according to a survey released by cloud computing specialist Rackspace Hosting. Despite the widespread availability of cloud and managed hosting, many organizations are clinging to physical servers, leaving in-house IT teams struggling with troubleshooting and capacity planning amid demands from their bosses to do more for less, ...

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  • Intelleflex GPS RFID Reader, Cloud Platform Track Medicine, Food Temperature

    Data-visibility vendor Intelleflex has introduced a new GPS-enabled RFID reader and cloud database to monitor the temperature of medication and food throughout the supply chain. Launched on April 3, the CMR-6100 cellular multiprotocol reader and Zest Data Services cloud platform enables manufacturers and health care providers to safeguard food and pharmaceutical items from spoilage and send temperature data to the company's cloud platform for analysis. "By monitoring the temperature of the products throughout distribution—without opening or unpacking the container—we can help record actual ...

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  • Verizon, Other Major Carriers Join FCC, CTIA in Smartphone Theft Crackdown

    Verizon Wireless, ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile have all agreed to register phones that have been reported stolen into a nationwide database. It’s hoped that the database program, established in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission; CTIA, The Wireless Association; and the Major Cities Chiefs Association, an affiliation of 70 police chiefs from around the United States and Canada, will help deter the rising number of mobile device thefts. “Technology gives criminals new kinds of ...

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  • New All-in-One Desktop PCs Trending to 2.5-Inch HDDs

    If industry analyst IHS iSuppli is correct, a trend is building in the desktop PC world that has manufacturers moving from faster standard 3.5-inch hard drives to smaller, more power-efficient 2.5-inch units. The El Segundo, Calif.-based consultancy said in a media brief April 13 that global shipments of 2.5-inch hard-disk drives (HDDs) to all-in-one PCs are forecast to reach approximately 1 million units in 2013, up from zero this year. Shipments--mostly from the Far East countries such ...

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  • Microsoft Sees Revenue Growth on Server and Tools as Xbox Drops

    Microsoft announced quarterly revenue of $17.41 billion for the quarter ended Mar. 31, 2012, a 6 percent increase from the prior year period. However, net income slipped 2.4 percent for the quarter, as the same quarter in 2011 enjoyed the boost of a tax settlement with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that raised profits. Net income for the quarter was $5.11 billion compared with $5.23 billion in the prior year period. “We’re ...

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