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  • Internet Founder Berners-Lee: CISPA a Threat to Privacy Rights

    The debate over the controversial Cyber-Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) continues to ramp as the expected House of Representatives vote next week draws near. Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with inventing the Internet and a staunch advocate for a free and open Web, is the latest to wade into the fray, telling the British publication The Guardian that CISPA not only puts U.S. citizens at risk, but also people around the world.

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  • Intel Launches Quad-Core Ivy Bridge Chips for High-End PCs

    Intel Launches Quad-Core Ivy Bridge Chips for High-End PCs ( Page 1 of 2 )Intel is launching the first wave of its new Ivy Bridge processors, a collection of quad-core chips aimed at the desktop and high-end laptop markets. More versions of the 22-nanometer chips, including dual-core processors and offerings for the Ultrabook market, will begin arriving later this spring, according to company officials. The Ivy Bridge chips, which Intel executives ...

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  • FTC Taps Ex-DOJ Lawyer for Google Antitrust Probe

    Google and the Federal Trade Commission look to be heading to a showdown in court. The FTC announced April 26 that it was hiring a prominent outside litigator to oversee its antitrust investigation of the search giant. And while the commission was careful to say that the hiring of former federal prosecutor Beth Wilkinson doesn’t mean that the government is expecting the case to go to trial, outside observers said the message was clear.

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  • BlackBerry PlayBook Revamp: 10 Things It Needs to Succeed

    BlackBerry PlayBook Revamp: 10 Things It Needs to Succeed ( Page 1 of 2 )Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been on store shelves for months now. And most would agree that it has been largely ignored by consumers and enterprises alike. The tablet earned low marks from reviewers and customers who didn’t like that it shipped without native email and BlackBerry Messenger support. Others didn’t like its small display and ...

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  • Travelocity Launches Developer Portal

    Travelocity Global has announced the launch of its new Travelocity Connect Developers Portal, a platform that enables developers and system providers to do business with Travelocity, and ZUJI. By powering hotel listings and bookings with real-time data delivered through the Travelocity Connect APIs, hotels and developers can enhance the buying experience they deliver to customers on Travelocity’s online properties. “The Travelocity Connect Developers Portal builds upon our legacy of being the ...

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