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  • Chromebooks, Surface Tablets, Windows 8 Crowding Into Cluttered Market

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Samsung's new Chromebook is on the way, Windows 8 launches Oct. 25, Microsoft Surface tablets launch Oct. 26. Can the market absorb it all? Here's what analyst have to say. These are heady days ...

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  • Promise Introduces Acronis Backup and Recovery Server OEM Bundle

    Promise Technology, a supplier of RAID storage solutions, recently announced the release of the Acronis Backup Recovery Server OEM software bundle program with the VessRAID 1000 Series storage systems. Designed to increase data services coverage for the small to medium-size business (SMB) storage product line, the program features a single, free-of-charge license for use of the software when the license server is installed on the host machine to which the VessRAID storage system is ...

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  • Qualcomm, Project Ray Collaborate on a Mobile Phone for the Blind

    Qualcomm and Project Ray have introduced a mobile phone that allows the visually impaired to access audio-book content from a nonprofit library in Israel. Qualcomm and Project Ray, a company that develops technology for the ...

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  • Oracle Launches Java 7 as Innovation Sprouts From the Community, Others

    Oracle Launches Java 7 as Innovation Sprouts From the Community, Others ( Page 1 of 2 )With the theme of moving Java forward, Oracle will launch the latest version of Java, Java 7, on July 28. Ironically, although Java 7 is the first major Java revision in about five years, the changes in the language and platform are more evolutionary than revolutionary, Java experts say–including Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java Platform group at Oracle. Yet the new ...

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  • Windows Phone 8 Models Shine at Microsoft Launch Event

    Microsoft came to San Francisco to show the world through a live media event and a Webcast what the new Windows 8 phones look like and how they might perform. CEO and Chairman Steve Ballmer showed devices from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Qualcomm and several others at the launch event before about 1,000 invitees. The smartphones will range from $99 (plus data plan) to around $300, depending upon feature set and storage. Most of them will ...

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