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  • Cisco Joins Effort to Advance Highly Connected Cars

    Cisco is teaming with NXP and Cohda to help develop wireless, in-vehicle safety systems that can help make vehicles safer for drivers and passengers. Cisco Systems is getting into the vehicle safety business, joining NXP Semiconductors ...

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  • Sam Palmisano and the Future of IBM`s Leadership

    NEW YORK–At a summit on leadership, IBM’s Sam Palmisano demonstrated why he is in charge of one of the most powerful technology companies, if not companies overall, in the world. Palmisano opened a two-day conference known as the THINK Forum, or “A Forum on the Future of Leadership,” by delivering a President Obama-like speech on what it takes to lead in the brave, new, highly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world of devices and sensors in everything from roadways to buildings to bridges and ...

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  • SAP Moving All Products to In-Memory HANA Database

    In a global press event Jan. 10, SAP announced that its customers now have the option of deploying HANA as the foundation for its frontline SAP Business Suite. German enterprise software maker SAP is truly betting ...

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  • U.S. Strategic Drone Fleet Infected by Stealthy Keylogger Malware

    Computers used to control the Drone unmanned aircraft used by the military to carry out military operations have been reportedly infected with malware, according to a report. A keylogger has infected several computers the pilots using to operate the Predator and Raptor drones in the fleet in missions , Noah Shactman wrote on Wired's Danger Room blog on Oct. 7. The virus hasn't prevented pilots stationed at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from flying or ...

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  • AMD Rolls Out Energy-Efficient Open Compute Server Board

    The AMD Open 3.0 platform is designed to bring organizations greater flexibility, energy efficiency and cost savings to servers in their data centers. Advanced Micro Devices is unveiling a new server motherboard  formerly dubbed “Roadrunner” that ...

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