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  • Microsoft Surface With WiFi-Only Is an Easy Bet

    Microsoft’s introduction of its new Surface tablet included just enough information to stir up excitement and more than enough question marks to start the industry guessing—and poking around. Bloomberg, in this vein, reported June 22 that Microsoft will initially begin selling the Surface without a cellular connection, relying only on WiFi. The Apple iPad, the Surface’s primary competition, comes in two versions—a WiFi-only model and another with WiFi as well as access to the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks of ATT or ...

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  • Black Duck Delivers New Code Analytics Report

    Black Duck Software has announced the availability of expanded audit services with the addition of new code analytics that can help organizations acquiring new technology better track the code in their environments. The new audit services in the Black Duck Code Quality Audit (CQA) deliver a comprehensive code quality report for internal audits and merger and acquisition due diligence. The analysis evaluates key software quality criteria, including code reliability, efficiency and maintainability to help companies manage operational risk and reduce support costs. By using ...

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  • Google Offers Proposals to European Antitrust Regulators

    Google executives reportedly are proposing changes to the way the company runs its search engine in hopes of staving off formal charges by European antitrust regulators. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has sent a letter to the European Union’s antitrust head, Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, that outlines steps the massive Web company would be willing to take to address concerns that EU investigators have regarding Google’s dominant position in search, including claims that it favors its own search results over others. Almunia in May had ...

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  • Pew: Tech Firms Face Tough Choices When Dealing With Repressive Regimes

    Tech companies in the future will continue to be influenced by the competing pressures of customer demands and profits when deciding how to deal with repressive regimes, according to respondents to a survey put out by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. In survey results released July 4, about 51 percent of 1,021 respondents—which included officials with tech companies, academics, journalists, consultants and other Internet stakeholders—said they were optimistic that high-tech firms in democratic countries would act morally when ...

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  • Microsoft Disables Windows Sidebar, Gadgets Due to Security Risk

    Microsoft has issued a security advisory urging users to install an update that disables the Sidebar and Gadgets features on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems due to a potential security vulnerability. The security advisory warns that a hacker could get into a user’s system through an insecure Gadget running in Sidebar, execute arbitrary code and wreak havoc on the system. The Sidebar, as its name implies, is a section of the desktop real ...

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