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  • BlackBerry Swings for the Fence With Well-Designed Z10 Smartphone

    REVIEW: Testing a phone is one thing, but to really learn how well it works means you have to use it every day, for everything. That’s how eWEEK reviewed the new BlackBerry Z10. We found a lot to like and some things we didn’t like so much. ...

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  • ATandT, Deutsche Telekom Could Still Salvage T-Mobile Deal

    With the ATT acquisition of T-Mobile now dead, the future of T-Mobile is uncertain. The wireless carrier doesn’t have enough wireless spectrum to compete in the 4G market, and the company lacks what every other major carrier now has–the iPhone.  T-Mobile also doesn’t have anywhere near the large number of subscribers as Sprint, Verizon Wireless and ATT Mobility. The company looks like a small country bride who was left at the alter by the big, rich ...

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  • 10 Samsung Mobile Devices That Have Allowed It to Challenge Apple

    Although it's been Apple that's gotten the most hype in the last several years, slowly but surely, one of its chief competitors, Samsung, has been making its presence felt across the industry. The company that was once viewed as a distant second in the race for technology dominance is now neck-and-neck with Apple. It's clear to most IT industry observers that neither company is going to pull away from the other any time soon. But ...

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  • Cyber Security Trends and Challenges for 2012

    The severity, volume, and even the sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing, with very expensive and sometimes devastating results. Millions of records are lost or stolen, identities at risk and systems down for ...

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  • Facebook’s Sprawling New HQ Designed by Frank Gehry

    In an age where cities hire architects to design new icons to lure tourists or boost civic pride, and corporations erect skyscrapers that top out at dizzying heights, one of the world's most valuable technology companies known for its global influence, brash young CEO and forward-thinking attitude has settled on a new headquarters building that will remain largely hidden from passersby. Social media behemoth Facebook's decision seems even more counterintuitive considering the architect tapped to ...

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