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  • Pew: Majority of Smartphone Owners Using Location-Based Apps

    Smartphone use is on the rise, and growing alongside it is Americans’ comfort with real-time location-based apps and geo-social service like Foursquare and Gowalla, according to a May 11 report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet American Life Project. In a February survey, Pew found, 74 percent of smartphone owners are now using location-based information services—up from 55 percent in a May 2011 poll. Geo-social services, up from 12 percent last May, ...

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  • Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Users Hit by Zeus Debit Card Scam

    A malware campaign targeting Facebook, Google Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo user debit card data has been linked to the infamous Zeus Trojan. Zeus is one of the most prevalent pieces of financial malware on the Web. During the past several years, Zeus variants have been linked to major criminal operations around the globe, including one that prompted the FBI to issue a warning in January. In that case, a variant known as Gameover was observed stealing password and user name information ...

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  • Windows Phone 7 Users Need to Update: Microsoft

    If you’re a Windows Phone 7 user and you haven’t yet updated to 7.5, now is the time to do it, if you want to have access to the applications through the Marketplace portal. Released last fall, most Windows Phone users are already running the update software, but anyone who uses Windows knows that Microsoft is ever keen on getting its customers to download the latest version of their software. The update is required in ...

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  • Why HP May Need to Find One of Its Own to Lead

    Why HP May Need to Find One of Its Own to Lead ( Page 1 of 2 )You have two choices when you're hiring a new CEO at a company: You either hire an insider or an outsider. CEOs -- not the chairman, not the board of directors, not the founders -- set the tone for the entire company. He or she is the face of the enterprise to the media on ...

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  • Windows 8, Windows Store Need Tweaking to Change PC Users’ Expectations

    Microsoft released its Windows 8 Release Preview May 31, a follow-up to the Consumer Preview of the new operating system that it released in February. Included in the new Release is an early look at Windows Store, Microsoft’s answer to the App Store—in as much as Windows 8, with its Metro aesthetic, is an answer to Apple’s success and the halo effects that have endeared many a PC user to the iPhone, iPad and even Mac. Microsoft has a tremendous amount riding ...

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