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  • Microsoft Corners Another Android Manufacturer on Patents

    Microsoft has entered into a patent agreement with Velocity Micro, a maker of Android-based tablets. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed by either company. Velocity Micro’s Cruz tablets target the "value" audience, with price-points below most other Android devices on the market. The 7-inch Cruz T301 e-reader retails for $199.99 and runs Android 2.2, supporting applications such as Facebook and Twitter, while the $149.99 Cruz R101 e-reader runs Android 2.0 and comes stocked with Borders e-books.  This marks the second time in ...

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  • Google Chrome 22 Offers 3D Gaming, 24 Bug Fixes

    Downloadable immediately, Google's latest Chrome 22 Browser continues to add features aimed at helping the browser deliver more to its users. The new Google Chrome Browser Version 22 includes a key improvement aimed at making 3D ...

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  • NASA Outlines Future Plans as Shuttle Program Nears End

    With the final launch of the Atlantis space shuttle, many have been wondering what this means for NASA and the future of American manned spaceflight. The space agency addressed these concerns, claiming the end of the shuttle program does not mean the end of NASA, or even of NASA sending humans into space. Outlining its program of exploration, technology development and scientific research, NASA said the program will last for years to come. NASA said it working on capabilities to send humans ...

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  • 10 Mobile Networking and Application Development Myths to Forget

    If you're a growing enterprise that wants to continue on the expansion path, then it's likely that you are depending mightily upon your IT system. You want your IT Infrastructure—from the data center to networking and out to all user devices—to become a business advantage. As highly successful companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google have clearly shown, an IT system ideally should be a single-purpose, agile, fine-tuned power source. This allows the system to ...

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  • IBM: Celebrating 100 Years Through Service to Others

    In celebration of its 100 years in business, IBM employees around the world took part in activities in their respective communities in one collective IBM Centennial Day of Service last month. At IBM's centennial celebration event at the company's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., on June 16, Stan Litow, vice president of corporate citizenship and corporate affairs at IBM, said, "What happened yesterday was 300,000 IBM employees were ...

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