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  • Google, Oracle CEOs Ordered Back to Android Settlement Table

    Having failed to reach a settlement after a day of negotiation, the CEOs of Google and Oracle have been summoned to appear for a second round of talks to try to settle Oracle’s patent-infringement lawsuit against Google over the use of Java in the Android mobile OS. According to court filings, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal has called for the leaders of Oracle and Google to return to the U.S District Judge in San Jose, Calif., on Sept. 21 after the companies failed ...

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  • Enterprises Starved for Security Threat Data to Justify Budget Hikes

    The vast majority of businesses use publicly released threat reports to create their security strategy and need better data, according to a survey by one security firm. Looking to design their security strategies for the coming ...

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  • Samsung Galaxy S II Tops 10M Units Sold

    Samsung has sold 10 million units of its popular Galaxy S II smartphones worldwide, including 5 million in just the last two months. The top Google  (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android handset OEM, which is locked in patent infringement suits with Apple in court over its Android handsets and tablets, began selling the Android 2.3.4 "Gingerbread-based S II last April in Korea. The handset, which employs a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and a 1.2GHz, dual-core processor, sold 1 million units in ...

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  • Windows 8 Needs Crucial Interface Tweaks to Win Over Users, Boost Sales

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Windows 8 really is a great operating system for most computers. But the fact that it's not optimized to let users work with computers in the way they are familiar with is hurting sales. ...

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  • Amazon Kindle Fire Supply Called Into Question

    Now that the details and specifications of the Amazon Kindle Fire have been reported to death, the question turns to one of supply: Can Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and its hardware supplier Quanta make enough Kindle Fires to satisfy consumer demand? It's a fair question. When the first Amazon Kindle debuted in 2007, the e-commerce giant didn't make enough and the existing e-readers were snapped up in one week. The specter of that supply shortage cast a pall over some analysts' estimates for ...

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