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  • DARPA Officials Aiming for More Efficient Robots

    The Department of Defense is asking for help in building more energy-efficient robots. The government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a notice looking for research proposals for its Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) project, a program that launched last year. Through the M3 program, Defense Department officials are looking to improve all aspects of robot creation and operations, from creating better manufacturing processors to enhanced performance to better controls and greater mobility. Within ...

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  • Yahoo Confirms 400,000 Passwords Stolen in Hack

    Yahoo officials confirmed that an older file from the Yahoo Voices (formerly Associated Content) was stolen July 12 by hackers, allowing them to get their hands on more than 400,000 user credentials. Of that amount, less than 5 percent of the Yahoo accounts had valid passwords, the company told eWEEK. Besides Yahoo email addresses, the list also included email addresses for Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and other services. Users of the Yahoo Contributor Network can sign up using their Google or Facebook IDs, which ...

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  • Microsoft Claims ‘Technical Error’ Made It Violate EU Browser Choice Rule

    Microsoft admits that it failed to meet a European Commission (EC) requirement that it offer a Browser Choice Screen on Windows 7 computers sold in the European Union as required by a 2009 agreement between the software maker and the EC. Microsoft said in a July 17 statement that “We have fallen short in our responsibility to do this. We deeply regret that this error occurred and we apologize for it.” A European Commission member said in ...

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  • iPhone 5 On Track for Record-Breaking Sales, Suggests Survey

    Apple’s manufacturing partners should fire up their iPhone assembly lines pronto. The sixth version of the iconic smartphone— tentatively called the iPhone 5—could have record sales in its future. 451 Research has reported that a recent ChangeWave survey found not only “an uptick” in planned consumer smartphone purchases this quarter, but an “unprecedented level of advance demand” for the next Apple iPhone. The survey, of 4,042 consumers, 88 percent of who were in the ...

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  • Skype Denies It Has Changed Privacy Policy to Aid Law Enforcement

    Skype has issued a vigorous defense of its privacy policies and denies allegations made in some media reports that it has revised the architecture of its service to aid law-enforcement efforts to monitor calls. “Some media stories recently have suggested Skype may be acting improperly or based on ulterior motives against our users' interests. Nothing could be more contrary to the Skype philosophy," wrote Mark Gillett, chief development and operations officer at Skype, in a blog post. While not identifying the media outlets involved, ...

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