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  • Intel, Korean Telco Partner to Raise Data Center Temperatures

    Intel engineers for several years have been saying that data centers can run hotter than normal, which would save enterprises millions of dollars in cooling and power costs. Organizations traditionally run their data centers at 64 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the servers that run their businesses from overheating. Keeping the facilities running at such low temperatures requires large cooling systems that put a heavy financial burden on companies and a strain on power grids. ...

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  • Dell Service Offers New Private Cloud Capabilities

    Dell is offering a service that will enable businesses to leverage servers and other infrastructure in a Dell data center to create their own private clouds. Through Dell’s Cloud Dedicated Services, businesses would get access to all the technology they need—from servers and storage to networking and managed services options—to deploy a managed private cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from one of Dell’s data centers. Through the managed private cloud, companies would get the benefits they ...

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  • Cisco Revamps Licensing Model for UC Solutions

    Cisco Systems is changing the licensing structures of its unified communications portfolio to reflect the evolving ways people are working and the growing trend toward software-based collaboration tools. The networking and collaboration giant announced the modified licensing for its Unified Communications Manager UC Release 9.0 Aug. 30, including making the licensing software-based rather than device-based, according to Richard McLeod, senior director of worldwide partner collaboration sales for Cisco. In the past, Cisco had tied the licensing of ...

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  • Botnet Masquerade Leads to Disruption at Small Websites

    A malicious program, designed by cyber-criminals to help them build their botnets, is causing disruption at hundreds of small Websites as the program attempts to hide its communications by sending out a large number of fake requests, said security firm Dell Secureworks Sept. 5. The software, known as Pushdo, communicates with its command-and-control servers—central systems used by criminals to manage their compromised computers—and downloads other malware to construct a botnet. In this case, the downloader infects ...

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  • Sprint 4G LTE Network Adding 100 Cities By Year’s End

    A Sprint rollout of 4G Long-Term Evolution services to an additional 100 cities within the carrier's 3G footprint is "under way," with completion expected before year's end, the carrier announced Sept. 10. The reminder that it is hustling to catch up to the LTE deployments of Verizon Wireless and ATT comes two days before Apple is expected to introduce an iPhone 5 with LTE capabilities. "We are committed to delivering a cutting-edge network as quickly ...

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