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  • Cyber-Attackers Breach SCADA Network, Destroy Pump at Water Utility

    Hackers breached the network at a water utility in Springfield, Ill. and destroyed a pump, according to a post on the Wired Threat Level blog. Cyber-attackers gained remote access into the control systems used by the city water utility in Springfield, Ill. on Nov. 8, a security expert told Wired. A water district employee noticed the supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems used in the facility kept turning on and off, causing the attached water pump to burn out, according to the ...

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  • Yahoo Ban on Employees Working From Home a Risky Move: Analysts

    IT industry analysts say Yahoo's new work-at-home ban could hurt the company's chances to hire and retain top-quality employees. Yahoo surprised many industry observers when it announced that as of June, employees will no longer ...

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  • Mobile Health App Market to Surpass $400 Million by 2016: ABI

    If you're looking to burn off the pounds from that Thanksgiving turkey dinner or holiday party this year, plenty of applications for your smartphone can help. In fact, so many health apps are being developed that ABI Research is predicting the market will exceed $400 in revenue by 2016. Areas driving the growth are wearable monitoring devices that will transmit data to handsets using ultralow power, according to ABI's Nov. 23 report. With the market for fitness and wellness apps expanding, ...

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  • Ringya Android App Creates Mobile Contacts with a Flash

    The app also makes it possible to share contact lists with colleagues and other people in the contact list. Ringa, the development company behind the mobile application of the same name, announced the availability of the ...

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  • Enterprise Shifts to Mobile-Only Workforce: BroadSoft Report

    Global enterprises are shifting to mobile-only communications more rapidly than expected – as well as adopting unified communications (UC) services more broadly, according to the results from the BroadSoft (Nasdaq: BSFT) 2011 Mobile Enterprise of the Future Survey. Notably, 25 percent of enterprise IT decision makers believe desk phones will be replaced by mobile phones within two years, and 82 percent of enterprises have employees currently using mobile applications for communications and collaboration. The 2011 BroadSoft ...

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