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  • Intel, AMD Chips With Integrated Graphics Gain Ground in Q3: IDC

    The processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices that include integrated graphics technologies are rapidly becoming a larger part of each vendor’s product mix and are driving up overall chip selling prices, according to market research firm IDC. In a report Nov. 3, IDC analysts said that the average selling price of processors in the third quarter jumped more than 5 percent, driving a trend that began last year. Overall, processors with integrated graphics technology ...

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  • Surface Pro Tablets Remain Scarce After First Weekend of Sales

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft launched the Surface Pro Feb. 9 to an enthusiastic reception, resulting in long lines, hot sales while they lasted and disappointed customers. My daughter, a newly-minted computer scientist and physicist, got up early ...

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  • Adobe Restructures, Lays Off 750

    Adobe Systems announced a company restructuring that will result in the loss of about 750 jobs primarily in North America and Europe. On Nov. 8, the San Jose, Calif., maker of content authoring solutions that enable customers to create, distribute and monetize digital content, provided a business update for its fourth quarter fiscal year 2011, ending Dec. 2, 2011. Adobe announced plans to further align its business around the growth categories of Digital Media ...

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  • HP Debuts AutoFlow Business Process Outsourcing Platform

    The platform's capabilities include document scanning and character recognition tools, vendor data maintenance and business process management. Technology giant Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Enterprise Services division released a business process outsourcing (BPO) solution, AutoFlow, that is designed to ...

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  • Amazon’s Kindle Fire Achilles Heel: Business Users

    Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, due to start shipping Nov. 15, will almost certainly rack up significant consumer sales. The biggest question is whether the Fire, by presenting a viable touch-screen alternative to the iPad, can succeed where so many other Android-based tablets have failed. Nearly two years into its sales run, Apple’s tablet continues to dominate the market, while successive “iPad Killers” have arrived on the scene only to promptly expire amidst withered expectations. Some analysts believe the Fire, backed by Amazon’s ...

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