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  • IBM Rattles Moore’s Law With Smallest Magnetic Memory Bit

    IBM researchers have created what they claim is the world’s smallest memory bit using only 12 atoms. This accomplishment by IBM scientists is the culmination of nearly 30 years of nanotechnology research, IBM said. By demonstrating the ability to store information in as few as 12 magnetic atoms, IBM shows that it can deliver an environment that is significantly less than today’s disk drives, which use about one million atoms to store a single bit of ...

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  • Large Botnets Exploit Boston Marathon Bombing, Texas Factory Explosion

    At least two botnets have started sending spam purporting to direct recipients to videos of the incidents and instead exploit vulnerable systems using two attacks on Java. Spammers taking advantage of the attention garnered by the ...

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  • Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Departs With More Whimper Than Bang

    Yang YankedYang announces he is departing from the CEO role in November 2008. In January 2009, he is replaced by Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz, who has a reputation for a foul mouth and great operational skills. She cut a lot of existing acquisitions, such as Geocities, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Go and Brickhouse. Then it sells Zimbra to VMware. In all fairness, she also acquired India's Koprol and IntoNow, and struck deals to integrate Twitter and Facebook, ...

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  • Software AG, Late to the Cloud, Adds LongJump’s Platform

    LongJump's platform-as-a-service capabilities enable applications to be deployed in public or private clouds, on-premise or to any mobile device. Germany's Software AG, which has been land-locked with on-premises enterprise software packages, finally added a cloud infrastructure ...

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  • Supreme Court Ban on Warrantless GPS Tracking Has Wider Implications

    Supreme Court Ban on Warrantless GPS Tracking Has Wider Implications ( Page 1 of 2 ) A U.S. Supreme Court decision released on Jan. 23 will have a significant impact on how law enforcement officers can use GPS technology to track criminal suspects in a wide variety of cases. In this case, the use of a GPS location device attached to the bottom of a car driven by a suspect allegedly to conduct ...

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