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  • Chrome for Android Mobile Browser Proves Speedy, Slick

    On Feb. 6, Google unveiled the Chrome for Android, mobile version of the company’s Web browser, which is currently used by more than 200 million desktop users worldwide. Speed, ease of use, simple sign-in, privacy and bookmark sync are the key functions in Chrome for Android, which is currently in beta. Users can quickly scroll through Web pages. The browser also leverages the company's Instant predictive search software to load top search results ...

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  • Apple OS X ‘Mountain Lion’: Five Features for Small Businesses

    While Windows-based operating systems continue to dominate the business landscape, Apple is working on bringing enhanced productivity features, social media integration and security upgrades to its latest operating system, “Mountain Lion” OS X. For small-business owners who prefer Macs for their ease-of-use, design capabilities or portability, Mountain Lion offers some new features that can help midmarket companies increase productivity and keep critical documents secure from growing threats like Web-based malicious software, while at the same time connecting them to the cloud with greater ...

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  • T-Mobile’s LTE, Business Strategy Makes it a Major Player

    Perhaps the best thing to come out of ATT’s failed bid for T-Mobile was the breakup fee, spectrum and roaming deals that ATT had to give T-Mobile as part cost of the merger breakup. On Feb. 23, CEO Philipp Humm announced that T-Mobile would launch its Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network starting in 2012, and would start selling LTE devices in 2013. Humm said that T-Mobile would be upgrading its existing network, broadening its coverage using both Evolved High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) ...

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  • Microsoft Windows 8 Beta Unwrapped at MWC

    BARCELONA, Spain — Microsoft unveiled its Windows 8 consumer preview—really just a fancy term for beta—at the 2012 Mobile World Congress during a two-hour presentation here. Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky, corporate vice president for Windows program management Julie Larson-Green, and vice president of Windows Web services Antoine Leblond, demonstrated a host of features and applications on devices, ranging from desktop PCs to tablets and next-generation Ultrabooks. Sinofsky deemed Windows 8 a ...

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  • Cloud Computing Services Will Generate IT Jobs: IDC

    A new IDC study commissioned by Microsoft suggests that cloud computing services will help create millions of new jobs over the next few years. “IDC estimates that last year alone, IT cloud services helped organizations of all sizes and all vertical sectors around the world generate more than $400 billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs,” John F. Gantz wrote in a co-authored IDC white paper. “In the next four years, the number of new jobs will surpass 8.8 million.” ...

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