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  • Microsoft Readies Patches for 16 Security Vulnerabilities

    Microsoft plans to release nine security bulletins on July 10 to cover 16 vulnerabilities as part of the monthly Patch Tuesday software fixes. According to Microsoft, three of the bulletins are rated ‘Critical’, and deal with issues affecting Windows and Internet Explorer. The remaining six bulletins are classified by Microsoft as ‘Important’, and involve issues affecting Microsoft Office, Developer Tools, Windows and Microsoft Server Software. “The most interesting Bulletins are 1, 3 ...

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  • Android Jelly Bean Updates Starting to Appear on Smartphones

    The new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system is now officially available on the first devices to get the latest release of the mobile platform, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+, or Evolved High-Speed Packet Access, smartphone. Coming just a few weeks after its big splash in late June at Google's I/O Developer's Conference, the rollout of the new phones with the latest Android release and its broad new features was announced in a Google+ blog ...

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  • Google Glass Patent Papers Reveal Wealth of Details About Eyewear Computer

    Google Glass Patent Papers Reveal Wealth of Details About Eyewear Computer ( Page 1 of 2 )All of the fascinating details about the futuristic, intricate technology behind Google's Project Glass eyewear-mounted computer may not be splashed all over the Internet by the company, but if you know where to look, some answers are waiting to be found. Google’s patent application, which is listed online, reveals plenty of enticing details about the inner ...

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  • Micron Launches Phase-Change Memory for Mobile Devices

    Is phase-change memory, acronymed PCM and discussed for the last six years as a potential replacement for NAND flash, finally ready for prime time? Solid-state semiconductor maker Micron Technology July 17 claimed to be the first in the industry to make available high volumes of its 45-nanometer phase-change memory chip for mobile devices. The Boise, Idaho-based company's 45nm PCMs are targeted for high-end feature-type phones, with its longer-range strategy to build them for smartphones and tablet ...

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  • iPhone 5 Rumors Could Hurt Apple, But Benefit Verizon, ATandT

    Smartphone and tablet usage is up, Americans are burning through more data than ever, and the wireless carriers, which have invested billions of dollars to get to this point, are beginning to enjoy the results. They’re also enjoying what the Apple iPhone has helped to create, even in absentia. ATT this quarter announced its “best-ever wireless margins,” a $1 billion wireless data revenue increase from a year ago, and sales of 5.1 million smartphones. Wireless service ...

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