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  • Google Sells Frommer’s Travel Book Line Back to Founder

    Google bought the line last September for travel content, but then announced the end of the print books in March. Google officials have sold the renowned Frommer's travel book line back to its founder, just seven ...

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  • Fujitsu Working on ‘Good Virus’ to Seek and Destroy Attacking Systems

    Fujitsu is reportedly working on a cyber-weapon for the Japanese government designed to track and disable the sources of cyber-attacks, according to a Japanese newspaper. Japan's Defense Ministry has commissioned Fujitsu to develop a virus capable of tracking, identifying and disabling the systems being used by cyber-attackers, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported Jan. 3. The Defense Ministry's Technical Research and Development Institute awarded the three-year project, which reportedly has a $2.3 million price tag, to Fujitsu in 2008. The project includes both the virus ...

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  • OpenLogic Ranks Top Open-Source Projects of 2011

    OpenLogic, a provider of enterprise open-source solutions for the cloud and the data center, recently announced its 2011 trending report for open-source software. The report ranks hot open-source projects in three key categories: Web and application servers; application frameworks; and databases and big data. To develop its report, OpenLogic analyzed popular as well as up-and-coming open-source projects that are used as core infrastructure in enterprise applications. The analysis was to evaluate whether enterprise adoption ...

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  • Google Reaches Antitrust Agreement With EC: Report

    After a two-year antitrust investigation by the European Commission, a Google proposal for a settlement is being accepted by the agency. Google has proposed an antitrust settlement with the European Commission that apparently satisfies the European ...

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