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  • iPad Mini Will Be a Holiday Winner as Google Gains Ground

    The Apple iPad will be a holiday hit and help to drive tablet sales for Apple, says a new report. But it won't prevent Apple from losing market share, particularly to Google partner Asus. Apple's iPad ...

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  • Neon, TurboHercules, T3 Drop EU Complaints Against IBM

    Three companies that had accused IBM of anticompetitive behavior in its mainframe business are dropping the complaints they had filed with the European Union. According to a recent regulatory filing by IBM, two of the companies—T3 Technologies and Neon Enterprise Software—either have or will withdraw their complaints with European regulators. Meanwhile, officials with a third company—TurboHercules—said Aug. 3 they were no longer pursing their complaint against IBM and its mainframe business. IBM officials declined to ...

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  • Samsung Is Putting Market Pressure on Apple in 10 Different Ways

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Samsung is hurting Apple with solid designs, effective marketing and a brand that more buyers are coming to trust. How has Samsung come so far? Apple has long been viewed as the most creative ...

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  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Is Dead: 10 Reasons Why

    Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Is Dead: 10 Reasons Why ( Page 1 of 2 )Microsoft has had to watch the sales of its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system decline rapidly since its launch last year. Consumers and enterprise users that once expressed some interest in the platform are now giving it little thought or attention. So far, Microsoft hasn’t done a thing to stem the losses. Of course, Microsoft believes things will ...

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  • Google Free Zone Access Targets Mobile Phone Users in Emerging Markets

    Google is launching the service in the Philippines to entice users of basic mobile phones to use its online products, even if they don't have data plans.   Though Google's Android mobile operating system is now found ...

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