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  • Nokia Hits HTC, RIM, Viewsonic With Patent Lawsuits

    Nokia let loose with a barrage of patent lawsuits, as the mobile phone maker filed claims in the United States and Germany alleging that products from rival handset makers HTC and Research In Motion, and electronics manufacturer Viewsonic infringe on a number of Nokia patents. In total, 45 Nokia patents are included in the actions. "Nokia is a leader in many technologies needed for great mobile products," said Louise Pentland, chief legal officer at Nokia. "We ...

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  • Nokia Lumia Smartphones Getting Exclusive Access to Apps

    At the CTIA Wireless show in New Orleans May 8, Nokia detailed a number of new mobile application partnerships designed to get more of the company’s Lumia smartphones into consumers' hands. The agreement also benefits Microsoft and its Windows Phone platform. With the Windows Phone Marketplace now at 80,000 apps strong, Nokia—which is struggling to rebuild its brand on the Microsoft platform and currently faces a lawsuit from a disgruntled investor—has to drum up ...

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  • Apple iPad Mini With 7-Inch Screen Debuts in October: Report

    Another day, another rumor about the 7-inch Apple “iPad Mini,” this time from the Mac blog iMore, which quotes unnamed sources as saying Apple is going to release the device in October, at an ultra-low price point somewhere between $200-$250. That would put the device in direct competition with Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet, which is priced at $199 and runs Google's Android operating system. ...

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  • Facebook Class Action Lawsuit Seeks $15 Billion for Privacy Violations

    A class action lawsuit filed against Facebook in California is seeking a whopping $15 billion in damages for privacy violations tied to the tracking of Web users. The suit, which was filed by law firm Stewarts Law US, combines 21 privacy lawsuits filed against the social network in more than a dozen states into a single legal action. The case stems from accusations made in September 2011 that Facebook tracks user activity even after people have ...

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  • U.S. Olympic Committee Adopts GE Centricity EHR Platform for London Games

    As the Summer Olympics approach, U.S. athletes' medical records are headed to London in electronic format and leaving loads of paper behind. The U.S. Olympic Committee announced on May 24 that it will deploy GE's Centricity Practice and Centricity PACS-IW electronic health record (EHR) applications to ease the workflow for doctors tracking athletes' health across the globe for the Olympic Games. "It's the equivalent of going from banging on a log to communicating using a smartphone," ...

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