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  • Microsoft Wins Patent Suit Against Motorola Android Handsets

    Technology giant Microsoft claimed victory this weekend as the International Trade Commission (ITC) issued its final determination in Microsoft’s Android infringement case against Motorola, ruling Motorola violated a Microsoft patent related to ActiveSync, a mobile data synchronization technology and protocol developed by Microsoft, originally released in 1996. The technology is licensed to a number of mobile device companies, including Apple for iOS. The ruling affects eight individual Motrola Mobility handsets which run Google’s Android operating system, ...

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  • OpenLogic Sees 730 Percent Jump in Open-Source Scans

    The use of open-source software is clearly on the rise in the enterprise, as evidenced by the momentum of a key player offering a critical service for enterprise adoption of open source: open-source scanning. OpenLogic, a provider of open-source scanners, open-source governance solutions and community-backed open-source support for the data center and the cloud, today announced that it saw a more than 730 percent increase in ...

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  • Intel’s New Ivy Bridge Chips Include Some for Ultrabooks

    Intel a month ago launched the first of its “Ivy Bridge” processors, quad-core chips aimed at the desktop market. Now the giant chip maker is unveiling a new batch of its third-generation Core processors, including several aimed at the Ultrabook space. The new dual-core chips, announced May 31, include four tagged as Mobile Ultra processors that are designed for Ultrabooks, the extremely thin and light notebooks that Intel executives have championed for about a ...

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  • HP vs. Oracle: Ellison, Hurd, Otellini Head Lineup of Expected Witnesses

    The bitter legal dispute between Hewlett-Packard and Oracle over Intel’s Itanium chip platform has now reached the courtroom, putting on full display the splintering of a once-close relationship that began more than two years ago when Oracle announced it was buying Sun Microsystems. HP and Oracle had at one time been close partners, with many joint customers running Oracle’s database software and other enterprise applications on HP’s high-end Itanium-based Integrity systems. However, when Oracle ...

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  • iPhone 5, Apple iTV Subsidies Could Vary, but May Benefit Consumers: Analysts

    Apple and subsidies, two words too often combined for the tastes of some dollar-counters, are the focus of new reports from investment firms Jefferies and Piper Jaffray. Analysts at Jefferies believe an Apple television, or iTV, could be among the big reveals at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which starts June 11. A subsidy, which could help to bring down an expected price point around $1,250, could “make good sense on economics alone,” they wrote. Piper ...

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