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  • Nokia’s Lumia 710: Solid Smartphone Faces Windows Phone Challenge

    The good news for Nokia is that its first Windows Phone for the U.S. market, the Lumia 710, is a solid smartphone. The bad news for Nokia is that the Lumia 710 is, well, a solid smartphone. In other words, despite its handsome exterior and smooth user interface, 4G support and respectable battery life (7 hours) and processor (1.4GHz Snapdragon single-core), the Lumia 710 doesn’t boast any extraordinary features that would make it stand out for a ...

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  • Apple Isn’t Far From Being Able to Offer a Google Glass Competitor: Report

    A new report suggests that Apple's augmented reality ideas, paired with WiFiSlam's technology, could make for a killer wearable. Interest in Apple's plans to move into the wearable devices market has curious minds linking together what ...

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  • Onlive Hosted VDI Service Enables Windows 7 Desktop on iPads

    Best known for online game delivery, cloud services provider Onlive announced that it is offering a hosted implementation of windows 7 for the iPad. Designed to run in the cloud as a virtual desktop, the Onlive Desktop uses virtualization technology to create a remotely hosted Windows 7 desktop. The technology, introduced Jan. 10 at the 2012 Consumer electronics Show, differs from other remote control services in the fact that Onlive provides the hosted machine, whereas services ...

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  • AlienVault Virtual Appliance Detects Threats, Assesses Vulnerabilities

    AlienVault announced the release of the Unified Security Management virtual appliance, which combines multiple network security tools into one platform. Security vendor AlienVault released a new product on April 16 combining asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat ...

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  • IBM Bolsters Social Business Play With Analytics

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Leave it to IBM to leverage its internal expertise to enhance and improve its solutions to tap into a key business opportunity: Social Business. As is typical of Big Blue, IBM went back to its vast drawing board and has come back with a broad array of technologies and services to help its customers become social businesses, to further integrate social media and social networking into their everyday working environments, and ...

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