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  • Oracle vs. Google Trial Gives Judge, Jury Crash Course in Open Source

    Oracle's lawsuit against fellow IT giant Google charging that it illegally used off-limits parts of Java to build its Android mobile device operating system ended its first week on April 20. However, the conversation is only getting started: This trial is has been projected to last for another seven to nine weeks. The question on the minds of many people is simple: Why? Well, it turns out that most folks -- ...

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  • Apple Is the New Sony? Not Likely, Many Argue

    Is Apple doomed to repeat the mistakes of technology giants like Sony in the aftermath of co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs' passing? That's the theory posited by IT research firm Forrester's CEO George Colony, who wrote an April 25 blog post titled "Apple=Sony," which concluded that without Jobs' "singular charismatic leadership," risk-taking prowess and "unparalleled ability to envision and design products," the company was likely to coast for ...

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  • Facebook-Driven Open Compute Project Grows Membership, Technologies

    The Open Compute Project, started by Facebook a year ago to create open-source standards for highly energy-efficient data centers and IT hardware, is racking up new members and unveiling a host of projects as the group’s third conference gets underway in San Antonio, Texas. Hewlett-Packard and Quanta Computer reportedly are the latest vendors to join the project, which has seen an influx in membership over the past year, and the last six months in ...

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  • Google+ Hangouts on Air Live Broadcasting Opens for All

    Google took the beta wraps off Hangouts On Air, which gives users worldwide the ability to create instant Webcasts over Google+, the company’s fledgling social networking site. Through the service, members who are looking to connect with the larger Web audience can do so through checking "Enable Hangouts On Air," where users can broadcast their live Hangout from the Google+ stream or the user’s YouTube channel or Website. During the broadcast, users can look inside ...

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  • Beyond the IPO: What Challenges Facebook Will Face

    As Facebook winds down its obligatory pre-IPO road show and prepares for its first day of public stock trading May 18 on the NASDAQ exchange as "FB," investors and potential investors are thinking way beyond just how high the stock price will jump on the first day. For starters: Can Facebook prove its overall value and sustain profits for its backers over time? Can its advertising model continue to evolve and find new ways to make income? Can the ...

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