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  • LG Optimus LTE Tag Follows NFC Trends

    LG has an agenda for 2012 and is wasting no time. On Feb. 20 it launched the Optimus LTE Tag, a new LTE-enabled smartphone with which it's looking to help drive the near field communications (NFC) market. The announcement comes just a day after the release of the LG Optimus Vu, a 5-inch "phablet" with a stylus, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, two cameras and WiFi and LTE connectivity. And don't be mistaken, says LG. The Optimus LTE Tag is ...

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  • Obama Administration’s Consumer Bill of Rights Fails on Enforcement

    The White House announcement on February 23 that the Obama administration was going to start pressing for a consumers’ Bill of Rights was welcomed by privacy advocates, but others question whether the effort will lead to any important changes. Running the administration effort is the Federal Trade Commission, which is also responsible for enforcing the “Do Not Call” bills implemented in the past decade. The White House plan would, among other things, ensure that “Do Not Track” settings on browser ...

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  • Hacktivists: A Potential Talent Pool for Organizations

    Law-enforcement officials, IT security providers and executives at the RSA 2012 Conference were concerned about the kind of damage hacktivists can cause on networks and on a company's reputation. Still, while some see chaos, others see potential, and a panel of experts worried about all this technical knowledge going to waste. Eric Strom, unit chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's cyber-initiative and resource fusion unit; Misha Glenny, a journalist; and Grady Summers, a vice president from Mandiant, joined Jeffrey Brown, a senior ...

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  • Apple’s New iPad Lacks Name for Good Reason: Analyst

    Within moments of Apple executives unveiling the latest version of the iPad, ripples of confusion began spreading across the blogosphere, centered on one key fact: The new device seemed to lack an official name. Executives onstage had referred to the tablet simply as "the new iPad." That ran contrary to the buzz heading into the event, which uniformly suggested it would be saddled with either "iPad 3" or "iPad HD." At least one analyst has offered an explanation for Apple's lack of a firm ...

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  • Intel Eyes Internet TV Network Business: Report

    Intel continues to look beyond its PC and server roots, and now reportedly is considering joining the likes of Apple and Google in moving into the TV realm. According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, Intel executives are looking to create a virtual TV network that would broadcast U.S. television channels over the Internet. Users would pay for the ability to see the content over a host of connected devices, from televisions to smartphones to PCs. The chip giant reportedly ...

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