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  • Microsoft Streamlining Windows 8 Upgrade Process

    Microsoft will offer Windows 8 upgrade as an online purchase and install, a fairly radical change from the company’s traditional model of boxed software and discs. “Buying boxed software is quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule,” Christa St. Pierre, a member of the Windows Setup and Deployment team, wrote in a Nov. 21 posting on Microsoft’s official “Building Windows 8” blog, “with more and more software being purchased online as broadband penetration increases and large-size media downloads become more ...

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  • MWC: Androids, Putting Greens, Weird Architecture Abound

    BARCELONA, Spain—The annual circus of everything mobile, Mobile World Congress, is wrapping up another hectic week of smartphones, tablets and mobile technologies spread out across eight halls in the seaside city of Barcelona. In addition to the crushing load of hardware on display, the often carnival-like spectacle of vendor booths vying for attendee attention produced some strange sights. This year there were more connected cars at the conference than ever before, with Ford, General Motors ...

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  • U.K. Cyber-Security Strategy Beefs Up Defenses, Information Sharing

    The United Kingdom outlined plans to secure critical infrastructure and improve the country’s cyber-defenses to protect national security and citizens from multiple cyber-threats. The United Kingdom will create a new cyber-crime unit within the National Crime Agency to deploy cyber-specialists with skills and experience solving cyber-crimes to police departments across the country to assist with investigations, according to the Cyber Security Strategy released by Francis Maude, the Minister for U.K.'s Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, on Nov. 25. The new unit would ...

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  • Cloud Security Improving, but Still an Issue for Businesses: Ponemon

    The report indicated there are conflicting views on who is most responsible for cloud security. While businesses have improved their practices around cloud computing security, there are continued concerns about organizations’ use of security best practices ...

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  • RIM PlayBook’s $485 Million Write-Down Hints at Trouble

    Research In Motion is taking a substantial charge against its PlayBook inventory, a decision that could have significant repercussions on the company’s bottom line. The write-down will total $485 million, or $360 million after applicable taxes, according to RIM’s Dec. 2 statement. “The Company now believes that an increase in promotional activity is required to drive sell-through to end customers,” that statement continued. “RIM will record a provision that reflects the current market environment and allows it to expand upon the aggressive level of promotional activity.” RIM ...

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