Network & System Integration



Whether your network covers one floor or spans the globe, you can depend on us for support in selecting and implementing the technology and components that will deliver the most cost-effective, yet flexible, networking solution available.

1)    We offer a wide range of networking services:

2)    Outsourcing management

3)    On going SupportAreas of expertise:

(a)  Microsoft®,

(b)  Novell® and Linux Networks,

(c)  Local and Wide Area Networking

4)    Network design

5)    Network upgrade

6)    Implementation

7)    Maintenance

8)    Outsourcing Management

9)    Areas of expertise:

10) Microsoft®, Novell® and Linux Networks

11) Local and Wide Area Networking

12) High Speed Internet connectivity

13) Internet and Network Security

14) Thin Client/Remote Access Solutions

15) Messaging (e-mail) and Collaboration

16) Database Development and Administration

17) Intranet and Extranet Website Solutions

18) Upgrades and Migration Services ·

19) Data Storage and Backup Solutions

20) Disaster Recovery & Planning

21) Network Performance Analysis

22) Wireless Networking Solutions



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