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  • Big Data Is Important, but Open Data Is More Valuable: Gartner

    Businesses of all sizes continue to struggle to find a solution for dealing with the growing volume of information flowing into their databases—a mountain of files and figures known as big data. Although that load of information can make businesses smarter, open data will be far more consequential for increasing revenue and business value, analysts at Gartner maintain. Open data, according to the research firm, refers to the idea that certain data should be freely ...

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  • IT Applies Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina as Isaac Nears New Orleans

    With Hurricane Isaac now bearing down on New Orleans, companies that learned hard IT lessons from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 are now waiting to find out if they are ready for the latest powerful storm to wallop the Gulf of Mexico. Isaac certainly isn't nearly as powerful as Katrina was back on Aug. 29, 2005, when that monster of a hurricane tore into Louisiana and Mississippi, leaving more than 1,800 people dead and ...

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  • Google BigQuery Adds Batch, Excel Query Support

    Google has announced some new features—namely batch and Excel query support—that enable users to do more with their data using the Google BigQuery data analytics service. Google officials said they realize big data is a big challenge for businesses and developers. There is a ton of information captured every day, but how do you effectively understand it in a way that moves your company, application or workflow forward based on real insights, Google asks. BigQuery ...

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  • iPhone 5 to Feature Less Samsung Memory, Bring end to iPhone 3GS

    With just under a week to go before Apple is widely anticipated to debut the latest iteration of its game-changing smartphone, the iPhone, one last batch of rumors is making the rounds before the press event on Sept. 12 in San Francisco, including a report from U.K. newspaper The Telegraph, which said the iPhone 3GS will be retired as the entry-level iPhone in that country, to be replaced ...

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  • Intel Xeon, Atom-Powered Devices Are Highlights of 2012 IDF Conference

    When researching a story, journalists like to come across the terms "first," "only," and "new," because the more those words are used in a news item, the more newsy the item will be. Intel at its annual international developers' forum in San Francisco had a few "firsts," "onlys" and "new" items to talk about. For example, the first Atom-powered smartphones—from makers such as Orange (France), Lenovo (China), Lava (India) and Megafon (Russia)—were on display ...

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