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  • Microsoft Windows XP: 10 Years Old but Still Matters

    Microsoft Windows XP: 10 Years Old but Still Matters ( Page 1 of 2 )Microsoft Windows XP. You remember the operating system, right? It’s the one that Microsoft launched in 2001 with high hopes of improving security and productivity across the consumer and enterprise markets. Although it got off to a bit of a rough start, with some help from a couple service packs, the operating system quickly became a favorite of people around the globe. ...

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  • Anonymous Hackers Turn Their Attention to Vatican Website

    The Vatican Website apparently is the latest victim of the hacker group Anonymous, reportedly taken down March 7 in protest of everything from the Catholic Church’s doctrine and tenets to the sexual abuse of children by priests. The Vatican’s Website, at, was down for a while March 7, though appeared to back up and running by 5 p.m. ET. A Vatican spokesman confirmed with the Associated Press that the site was down, but declined to speculate on the cause. However, Anonymous ...

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  • YouSendIt Adds New Collaboration Tool for SharePoint

    It used to be that large enterprises -- like NASA, for example -- would do research and development on products that would eventually trickle down to the consumer. Products such as invisible ceramic teeth braces, scratch-resistent eyeglass lenses and memory foam for mattresses are only three of the thousands of products that have been developed by the U.S. space program. More and more, however, products and services originally created for consumers are  moving their way up ...

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  • Facebook Taps IBM for 750 Patents to Help Beat Back Legal Claims: Report

    Facebook has acquired 750 patents from IBM in an attempt to help protect itself from lawsuits such as that leveled against the social networking giant earlier this month by Yahoo, according to a source cited in several published reports. In this ever more litigious technology business, those with the biggest portfolio of patents tend to fare better than those with weaker portfolios. And IBM is king when it comes to patent arsenals. Big Blue has led the world in U.S. patents for ...

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