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  • Steve Jobs Biography Never Reaches Apple Founder’s Core

    Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” is set to become the definitive biography of the recently departed Apple CEO, if only because he was granted unprecedented access to not only Jobs, but also a wide variety of friends and rivals and colleagues. For that reason alone, in terms of delving into the psychology and motivations of its subject, the book is certainly more comprehensive than any other Jobs biography. For all that comprehensiveness, however, Jobs-by-Isaacson remains an enigmatic character, bristling with unexplained contradictions and powered by ...

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  • Google, Apple, Samsung Among Golden Paw Award Winners for 2012

    SmartBear, which makes software quality and performance tools, polled hundreds of software developers and testers to come up with a ranking of the best—and worst—technology-related issues of 2012. The list culminated in SmartBear's first annual Golden Paw Awards, which look at the year's best and worst in software quality. Software professionals around the world voted for their favorites and their top failures of 2012. SmartBear, based in Beverley, Mass., started more than 10 years ago ...

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  • U.S., EU Conduct Joint Cyber-Security Exercise to Defend Against Attacks

    The United States and European Union took part in the first-ever joint cyber-security exercise addressing how to cooperate and respond in the event of a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security conducted the daylong table-top exercise, Cyber Atlantic 2011, on Nov. 3. The cyber-security exercise used simulated scenarios to explore how EU and U.S. officials could improve how they work together and coordinate incident management and response, Lee Rock, acting director ...

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  • Google+ Hangouts to Host Events With Obama, Space Station Crew

    Google+ Hangouts will be used by the president and by the International Space Station crew in separate events to take questions from citizens. Google+ Hangouts will soon be used again by President Barack Obama for the ...

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  • HP’s webOS Decision Could Affect Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft

    Hewlett-Packard’s executives are mulling what to do with webOS, the mobile operating system it acquired along with Palm in 2010. HP previously announced it would terminate efforts to integrate webOS into a line of branded products. The question now is whether the company will sell webOS to another entity, keep the software and license it to other manufacturers wanting to produce their own devices, or turn out the lights on the platform for good. HP ...

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