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  • New iPad Runs Hot: Consumer Reports

    Apple’s new iPad operates at higher temperatures than the iPad 2 when running a processor-intensive game, according to a new test by Consumer Reports. The watchdog group aimed a thermal imaging camera at a new iPad playing Infinity Blade II, and recorded temperatures “as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit.” Ambient temperature in the room was 72 degrees. The testers played the game uninterrupted for about 45 minutes before utilizing the camera. Consumer Reports tested the new iPad both unplugged and plugged, and activated ...

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  • IBM Continues India Expansion With New Punjab Office

    Continuing on its effort to increase its presence in so-called growth markets, IBM (NYSE: IBM) recently announced the opening of a new branch office in Ludhiana, Punjab in India. The move represents a part of the company's continued geographic expansion across India. IBM also has made a concerted effort to increase its penetration into Africa. The Ludhiana branch is IBM's seventh new office to be opened in India in the past 12 months after those ...

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  • Apache Lifts Rave Mashup Engine to Top-Level Project

    The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced that Apache Rave, the organization's open-source mashup engine, has graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a top-level project (TLP). Apache Rave is an open-source software mashup platform that enables developers to build and engage with an array of social network technologies, such as OpenSocial, Activity Streams and W3C Widgets. Rave's lightweight and extensible approach to robust personalization and collaboration capabilities supports a simple model for integration across other platforms, services and solutions, ASF officials said. Graduating to top-level ...

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  • Nokia Lumia 900 Sets the Pick for Nokia, Microsoft’s Next Mobile Move

    Reviews of the Nokia Lumia 900 trickled into the world late April 3, leaving Nokia and Microsoft with little to do now besides spend gobs of advertising dollars and hope their months of collaboration have paid off. For the most part, there’s a lot of, "It’s nice, but…" out there—reviewers finding themselves impressed by the hardware but becoming slightly cranky with the software, or the battery life. Or finding the camera or the processor ...

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  • Health Care Providers Must Devise Social Media Strategies: CSC

    Among health care providers in the United States, social media is used for marketing, but globally, the tools are used more for care management and patient education, according to a new report by CSC, an IT integrator and cloud service provider. In its white paper "Should Healthcare Organizations Use Social Media?" CSC takes a look at social media in health care and calls on health care organizations to adopt a more formal social media strategy. CSC ...

    Posted at April 10, 2012 | By : | Categories : Blog | 2 Comments
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