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  • Enterprise Shifts to Mobile-Only Workforce: BroadSoft Report

    Global enterprises are shifting to mobile-only communications more rapidly than expected – as well as adopting unified communications (UC) services more broadly, according to the results from the BroadSoft (Nasdaq: BSFT) 2011 Mobile Enterprise of the Future Survey. Notably, 25 percent of enterprise IT decision makers believe desk phones will be replaced by mobile phones within two years, and 82 percent of enterprises have employees currently using mobile applications for communications and collaboration. The 2011 BroadSoft ...

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  • Google Street View Documenting Japan’s Nuke Evacuation Area

    The area near the Fukushima nuclear plant was contaminated by radiation after the March 2011 tsunami and earthquake. A Google Street View team is in Japan for the two-year anniversary of the March 11, 2011, earthquake ...

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  • RIM, Microsoft Bets Hint at Radical Change

    Although 2011 proved to be a dynamic year in mobility, in broad strokes it certainly hewed to the expectations of many analysts. Google Android continued to gain market share, as predicted, while Apple’s iPhone remained a potent force in both the consumer and business realms. Microsoft’s Windows Phone struggled to gain users, and Research In Motion did its best to beat back rivals. The coming year will almost certainly prove to be far more unpredictable, if only because the pressure of Android and ...

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  • Microsoft’s Cloud Feels the Heat

    Microsoft says an unsuccessful firmware update sent data center temperatures soaring, cutting access to Hotmail, and parts of SkyDrive. It wasn't bad weather, power grid troubles or even a wayward administrator that caused Hotmail, ...

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  • Google’s Opt-In Facial Recognition Avoids Facebook’s Missteps

      Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) quiet introduction of facial recognition for its photos application on Google+ is drawing praise from analysts and security researchers alike because it stands in stark contrast to the way Facebook employed similar technology earlier this year. That is, it's opt-in. Google's Find My Face feature lets its Google+ social network users opt-in to photo tagging. When users opt-in to Find My Face, the next time one of their Google+ ...

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