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  • Brocade’s HyperEdge Promises Simpler Campus Networks

    Brocade is looking to make deploying and managing campus networks easier through its new Effortless Network initiative, which will be based on the company’s upcoming HyperEdge technology. Brocade officials on March 6 also introduced two new campus LAN switches, filling out what the company can offer businesses with campus networks. The goal of the Effortless Network strategy and HyperEdge technology is to reduce the amount of network downtime caused by human error by making the network more automated and easier to manage, according ...

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  • Global Storage Software Market Breaks Revenue Records

    It's been written -- here in eWEEK, in fact --  that nothing's ever certain except death, taxes and needing to buy more data storage. The global markets continue to prove every quarter that buying more storage software and hardware -- whether on-premises or in the cloud -- is a never-ending project, thanks to ever-increasing data-creation rates and production workloads in all sectors. The latest market numbers bear this out once again. Quarterly ...

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  • New iPad: Was It Worth the Wait?

    New iPad: Was It Worth the Wait? ( Page 1 of 2 )It was about 7:15 a.m. the first day of sales of the new iPad – March 16 – and the line at the Apple store in Fairfax, Va., was already more than 100 people deep. They were orderly and friendly as an Apple employee passed out vouchers for the iPad people wanted. The idea was that the store employees would know immediate what iPad ...

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  • Nvidia Launches the First of Its Next-Gen Kepler GPUs

    Nvidia is launching the first graphics chips based on the company’s new Kepler architecture, the next-generation offering after the company’s successful Fermi, which hit the market two years ago. Nvidia officials, who announced the new GPUs March 22, touted the Kepler technology’s power efficiency and gaming performance. The first Kepler GPUs—the GeForce GTX 680 and the GeForce GT 600M chips—will focus on gaming desktops and Ultrabooks, which are very thin and light notebooks championed by chip giant Intel. "The Kepler architecture stands as ...

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  • Apple, RIM, Sony, Others Sued by What Is Left of Silicon Graphics

    Apple, Sony, HTC and other mobile device makers reportedly are being sued for patent infringement by what remains of former Silicon Valley pioneer Silicon Graphics Inc. A longtime maker of massive servers for such environments as high-performance computing, Silicon Graphics was unable to adapt to the changing technology landscape and went bankrupt. The bulk of the business was sold in 2009 to Rackable Systems for $25 million—a small amount for a company that at ...

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