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  • RSA Research Unit Hunts Cyber-Threats ‘That Don`t Have Names`

    NEWS ANALYSIS: At the Black Hat 2012 conference scheduled for July 21-26 in Las Vegas, cybersecurity firms are sharing information on how to keep up with rapidly evolving threats. One researcher says it’s not enough to fight known threats but to also track down the developing threats as they just start to emerge. “We focus on threats that don’t have names,” said Will Gragido, senior manager of the Advanced Threats Intelligence team, a newly-formed unit at ...

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  • iPhone 5 Launch in September Would Be Perfect Timing: 10 Reasons Why

    iPhone 5 Launch in September Would Be Perfect Timing: 10 Reasons Why ( Page 1 of 2 )Apple is undoubtedly working on a new iPhone. And according to several rumors, the device will come with a bigger screen, a new design and some other enhancements that should make using it a bit more appealing. The big question now is when will it launch?  Numerous rumors and reports from those claiming to know ...

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  • Samsung Executive Denies Copying Apple iPhone, iPad Designs in Patent Trial

    The first week of the trial of Apple’s patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung included testimony from a Samsung executive acknowledging that the smartphone and tablet computer maker studied the products of rival Apple when developing its own competing models,  but denying that it copied any elements of Apples products. The testimony of Justin Denison, chief strategy officer for Samsung’s mobile business, came on August 3, in Federal District Court in San Jose, Calif., according to information obtained from a live blog ...

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  • RIM Sees $147.2 Million Patent Verdict Overturned

    Embattled BlackBerry maker Research In Motion finally caught a break when a federal court judge overturned a $147.2 million verdict against the company in a patent-infringement case with Mformation Technologies. A jury in San Francisco last month found that RIM had infringed on a patent from Mformation, which makes mobile device management software. The patent at issue involves a remote management system for wireless devices that RIM uses in its products. Mformation filed the lawsuit against ...

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  • Windows 8 Available for Download to Developers, IT Pros

    Microsoft has made the final version of Windows 8 available to developers and IT pros. Developers and IT pros can download Windows 8 from the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet. The Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of the new operating system is available via these channels for MSDN and TechNet subscribers, but general consumers will not be able to access the OS until October 26 when Microsoft makes the software generally ...

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