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  • Facebook’s Open Compute Project Gaining Momentum After First Year

    Facebook's Open Compute Project Gaining Momentum After First Year ( Page 1 of 2 )MENLO PARK, Calif. — A little over a year after Facebook launched its Open Compute Project, organizers of the unusual open-source hardware and software initiative report that it is gaining traction among a large number of companies big and small. Turns out most enterprises want to save money, power from the walls and staff time. The Open Compute Project ...

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  • Microsoft to Market Its Own Windows 8 Tablet: Reports

    News reports have claimed that Microsoft is going to make its own tablet computer running its coming Windows 8 operating system. The Website AllThingsD, a product of The Wall Street Journal, reports that Microsoft is going to mirror Apple and manufacture the hardware and software together in a coming tablet computer. Microsoft invited reporters to a media event Monday afternoon in Los Angeles but didn’t say what the event was about. “We do not comment on rumors ...

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  • Fujitsu Lifebook Business Laptops Offer Intel Ivy Bridge Chips

    Fujitsu is following up its Lifebook Ultrabook introduction with a trio of commercial notebooks, also running third-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. Ranging from full-size to subcompact, these laptops are meant for a variety of business users, from those behind reception desks to mobile workers in offices and those who frequently jetset. All three notebooks offer pricing that starts below $1,000, and all are available immediately. As with the Ultrabook, Fujitsu is putting an emphasis ...

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  • Microsoft Admits SharePoint Weaknesses in Yammer Acquisition

    By acquiring Yammer June 25, Microsoft revealed two important things: first, it has finally awakened to adding a tried-and-true social network as a major focus of its catalog; and second, SharePoint isn't the socially aware work collaboration offering it had once purported it to be. For the last five years, Microsoft has been selling its SharePoint document-sharing application as a total tool for group work, and it has been a large success in many ways. In ...

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  • Microsoft Surface Forces HP to Give Up on ARM-Type Tablet Plans

    When Microsoft announced its Surface tablet PC on June 18, the repercussions of that event hit Hewlett-Packard and Dell where it hurt. These two companies would dearly like a piece of that cash cow-like tablet market, and they wanted to compete in it with the more energy-efficient ARM-based operating system architecture inside their own tablets. But that's not going to happen any time soon. Because Surface will now be Microsoft's ...

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