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  • Cyber-Spy Malware Eavesdrops on Corporate, Government Targets Worldwide

    More than 200 unique families of malware have been used to eavesdrop on corporate and government employees, including attacks on the Japanese government, according to the results of a study of cyber-espionage activities released on July 25. Unlike the massive botnets used by cyber-criminals to steal cash, such as the "Gameover" Zeus botnet, the espionage botnets typically consist of hundreds of compromised computers rather than tens or hundreds of thousands. Most of the activity traces back to ...

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  • ATandT Preparing for Major Wireless Spectrum Shift Within Five Years

    ATandT Preparing for Major Wireless Spectrum Shift Within Five Years ( Page 1 of 2 )In a pair of moves over the past two days, telecom giant ATT has taken steps to gather the necessary spectrum to build out the LTE network it needs over the next five years. On Aug. 2, ATT agreed to acquire NextWave Wireless, a failing carrier with spectrum that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been trying to ...

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  • Researchers Lift Lid on Government-Distributed Cyber-Spy Trojans

    Recent study of cyber-spying malware discovered by Middle Eastern pro-democracy activists, has found that it is a commercially-developed Trojan apparently purchased and distributed by government authorities to keep watch on dissident citizens. Late in July pro-democracy activists, security researchers and journalists from Bloomberg News collaborated to uncover details about a mysterious piece of malware known as FinFisher, which proved to be spyware made by U.K. company Gamma International and sold to government clients. Working from executables encountered by pro-democracy activists, computer scientists and researchers ...

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  • Samsung Says It Designed Its Devices Long Before iPhone, iPad Came Along

    Samsung says its smartphones and tablet computers were not based on Apple’s iPhone or iPad, but on many products and some of Samsung’s own patents. The testimony came Aug. 14 in Apple’s patent infringement suit against Samsung, which claims that Samsung copied design features of Apple’s iPhone and iPad in designing its competing products. In U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., Samsung witness Clifton Forlines testified that the technology used on handheld devices, such as touch screens, zoom and the ...

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  • Why Facebook’s New-Gen Data Center Leads by Example

    Why Facebook's New-Gen Data Center Leads by Example ( Page 1 of 2 )PRINEVILLE, Ore. -- In the midst of the wide open spaces of farm and grazing land surrounding this central Oregon town of 9,253 has been born a new type of farm: one that produces Web services that interconnect people. And like horses, cows and sheep on the grasslands, this one also requires water, fresh air and plenty of space.

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