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  • Facebook, HTC Smartphone Partnership Rumors Persist

    Despite denials from the founder and CEO of social networking behemoth Facebook Mark Zuckerberg that a Facebook-branded smartphone “wouldn’t make much sense” for the company, a report in BloombergBusinessweek said Facebook and handset maker HTC are working together to produce a smartphone to hit the market in 2013. The article, which quoted unnamed sources familiar with the matter, also said Facebook pushed back the launch to give HTC more ...

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  • Dropbox Password Breach Highlights Cloud Security Weaknesses

    The now well publicized Dropbox security breach was the result of two things that Dropbox could have foreseen, and could have prevented. The first was failing to anticipate user misconduct, and the second was failing to take steps that would allow the site to remain secure even if the users weren’t. This was exacerbated by Dropbox employee practices that should never have been allowed and by lax management oversight. In other words, Dropbox created the perfect storm when it comes to security. ...

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  • Apple Accuses Samsung of Copying Even Application Icons

    In an effort to make its patent case against Samsung as strong as possible, Apple brought forth a graphic designer as a witness to claim Samsung copied the look of Apple application icons in the design of its smartphones and tablets. The icons on a Samsung phone that identify applications such as email, messaging, contacts and other programs are “substantially similar" to those patented designs on an iPhone, said Susan Kare, a graphic design expert and former Apple employee. Kare testified Aug. 7 ...

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  • Could More iPhone Models Beat Back Samsung, Android?

    Demand for the Apple iPhone has “cooled off,” IDC recently reported, explaining that the device has been around since October and the blogosphere has fueled rumors that a new iPhone is just around the corner. Apple, along with carrier partners ATT and Verizon Wireless, all saw iPhone sales soften over the second quarter, and up for debate is whether that was due to the device having lost its freshness or a look that suddenly seems ...

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  • OnLive Cloud Gaming Acquired, Will Continue Operations: Report

    Cloud gaming platform OnLive has been acquired but will continue to operate its services in a statement sent to technology blog TechCrunch following widely-circulated rumors that founder and CEO Steve Perlman had left the company in the immediate wake of mass layoffs. “We can now confirm that the assets of OnLive, Inc. have been acquired into a newly-formed company and is backed by substantial funding, and which will continue to ...

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