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  • Health Care Point-of-Sale Breaches a Rising Concern: Verizon

    Cyber-crime impacts point-of-sale systems in health care and other industries, and organizations should focus their security efforts in this area, Verizon warned. Financially motivated cyber-crime was a key part of 75 percent of the incidents in ...

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  • Digium’s Switchvox: Simple Yet Powerful

    Telephony is a pain point for most IT departments. It’s become common for companies to expect increasing amounts of information about how the equipment is used, especially when it’s used in a customer-support function, where call queues and staffing define success or failure. At the same time, phone systems now have to integrate with other applications. Digium’s Switchvox series of appliances and the software that powers them have evolved in recent years to accommodate those ...

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  • T-Mobile Calling Plans Run Afoul of Washington State’s Attorney General

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Bob Ferguson, Washington State’s attorney general’s court-ordered agreement with T-Mobile shows how mobile phone calling plans can get ensnared by politics. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson tool T-Mobile to court because he believed ...

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  • Apple iPhone 4S: 10 Alternatives to Consider Before You Buy One

    There’s little debating that the iPhone 4S is an outstanding device. The smartphone comes with Apple’s Retina Display, an 8-megapixel camera and support for the virtual personal assistant Siri. Depending on a customer’s desire, it might just come with many of the features they’re looking for, and at a price of just $199 with a two-year contract, it’s a worthwhile option. However, just because the iPhone 4S is a worthwhile purchase, it doesn’t mean ...

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  • Micron Launches P420m PCIe I/O Accelerator

    The drive will be available in 350GB, 700GB and 1.4TB capacities, and Micron is currently sampling the P420m with production expected to begin in June. Advanced semiconductor solutions specialist Micron Technology announced the launch of the ...

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