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  • Google Pressured to Pay European Content Publishers: Report

    Google is investing $80 million in France to help publishers make more money online with their content. Now other European nations want their share. After Google recently made a deal with French publishers to invest $80 ...

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  • Mobile Data Traffic Growth Driven by Video: Ericsson Report

    A report from mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson says mobile data traffic will grow 10-fold between 2011 and 2016, driven mainly by video, noting mobile broadband subscriptions grew by 60 percent in one year and are expected to grow from 900 million in 2011 to almost 5 billion in 2016. By 2016, users living on less than one percent of the Earth's total land area are set to generate around 60 percent of mobile traffic. The report is based on measurements the ...

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  • Mars Rover Drills Into the Martian Surface

    NASA's Curiosity rover has, for the first time, used a drill carried at the end of its robotic arm to bore into a flat, veiny rock on Mars and collect a sample from its interior. This marks the first time any robot has drilled into a rock to collect a sample on Mars. The rock is believed to hold evidence about long-gone wet environments on the planet. In pursuit of that evidence, the rover will ...

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  • Apple iPhone 4S Users Still Reporting Battery Issues

    Some iPhone users are still reporting battery-life issues, a day after Apple pushed through an iOS update designed to fix “bugs” related to the issue. A portion of those users are venting their anger online, complaining that their iPhones with the new iOS 5.0.1 update continue to drain battery power at a faster-than-expected rate.   “I’ve had the same problem on my iPhone 4S,” one commenter wrote on Apple’s discussion boards. “After updating to ios 5.0.1, battery life is [worse] than ios 5.0.” “Same ...

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  • HTC One Smartphone Trumps the iPhone 5 in 10 Important Ways

    NEWS ANALYSIS: HTC has unveiled its latest smartphone entrant, the One. And in some significant ways, it’s a better option than the iPhone 5. HTC yesterday showed off the next generation of its smartphone line ...

    Posted at February 21, 2013 | By : | Categories : Blog | 172 Comments