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  • Eclipse Orion IDE Lets You Jump-Start Website Development Projects

    Eclipse Orion is an online integrated development environment that was created with the goal of providing similar functionality to the Eclipse desktop IDE, except it runs inside the browser. Orion consists of a server that is written in Java, which you connect to through the browsers. The browser app consists of a large amount of JavaScript code, including several open-source libraries, to provide for a nice IDE experience. The text editor lets you edit any ...

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  • Verizon Previews Remote Monitoring, Telehealth Platforms at mHealth Summit

    Verizon Wireless will develop a new suite of digital health care products focused on treating and preventing chronic conditions such as diabetes and chronic heart failure (CHF), the company announced at the 2011 mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. It also unveiled projects with the insurer WellPoint and telehealth provider Zipnosis to focus on virtual care. The new digital care management platform will work off of Verizon's cloud-based health network and incorporate biometric medical data ...

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  • Cisco’s Chambers Promises Changes for Women at the Tech Giant

    Cisco's CEO says that after speaking with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and reading her book, he realized his company could do better by women. Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers always felt that he and his executives ...

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  • Fake Software Claims to Allow Smartphone Snooping, Says Symantec

    Fake software is nothing new, as scammers try to trick users into buying fake antivirus and other security tools. Now Symantec researchers have uncovered a scam around a fake smartphone monitoring tool. SMS Privato Spy is a product marketed as a tool that would allow users to view the smartphone's screen live, activate the microphone and eavesdrop on the microphone, view call logs and monitor the physical location via GPS, Peter Coogan, a security expert at ...

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  • Microsoft Processed 75,000 Law Enforcement Requests in 2012

    Following Google's lead, Microsoft provided a glimpse at how many times law enforcement agencies requested information on users of its cloud services. Users, customers and industry rivals aren't the only ones keeping Microsoft busy. The company ...

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