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  • IBM`s Rometty to Take Big Blue into Next 100 Years as New CEO

    Virginia M. “Ginni” Rometty taking the helm of IBM is no surprise. IBM held out that there were three to four front runners for the position, but Rometty was the clear leader. In fact, at IBM’s recent THINK Forum in new York, Sam Palmisano, IBM’s outgoing president and CEO practically thrust Rometty on the scene as his successor, playing her up and playfully chiding her about a $300 million deal she completed without ...

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  • BlackBerry 10 Marketing Head Talks Super Bowl, Keys, Organic Growth

    A BlackBerry 10 ad during the Super Bowl will kick off the second phase of a marketing strategy designed to encourage word-of-mouth promotion. BlackBerry introduced its long-awaited Z10 and Q10 smartphones and BlackBerry 10 mobile platform ...

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  • RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Continues Fight for Adoption

    Research In Motion is offering its business customers three BlackBerry PlayBook tablets for the price of two, as it tries to spur adoption of its QNX-based tablet. RIM certainly faces an uphill battle when it comes to tablets. Apple’s iPad dominates the space, in terms of market share, and a variety of Google Android devices continue to trickle onto store shelves. By the end of 2012, Microsoft’s Windows 8 will most likely begin appearing on tablets, creating a new competitive wrinkle in the ...

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  • Sprint, Despite Best-Ever iPhone Sales, Posts $1.3 Billion Loss

    Sprint officials wouldn't discuss Softbank or Clearwire during their Q4 earnings call, but were happy to continuing justifying offering the iPhone. Sprint enjoyed its best-ever quarterly sales of the Apple iPhone during its fiscal 2012 fourth ...

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  • Employee Online Holiday Shopping Poses Security Risk to Enterprises

    As the holiday shopping season approaches, IT managers are concerned about the employees shopping online using their personal devices while at work, according to a new survey. More than half the time spent shopping will be done using either work computers or personal devices on corporate networks, which would pose significant risks to the network and sensitive data, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) said in a report released Nov. 1. The fourth annual "Shopping on the Job" survey examined the ...

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