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  • Nook Tablet Keeping Android, Unlikely to Run Windows 8: BandN CEO

    Bookseller Barnes Noble’s Nook e-reader and tablet continue to find footing in the increasingly crowded market and the company announced a major deal with Microsoft. Yet comments from BN CEO William Lynch suggest the company will be sticking with the open-source technology powered by Google Android that is used on the Nook, rather than running a version of Microsoft Windows. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Lynch said that the Nook would remain an ...

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  • As Oracle and Google Both Claim Wins in the Java Case, What`s Next?

    Now that a jury has found for Oracle in its patent and copyright infringement case versus Google, what happens next? A California jury returned a partial verdict in favor of Oracle May 7, finding that Google did indeed violate the company’s copyrights related to the Java programming language and effectively stole some APIs for use in the Android operating system. However, the findings were perhaps good for both sides, as verdict leaves several key ...

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  • Yahoo Cans Its CEO, Names an EVP as Interim

    Well, the excuse about the executive search firm editing in a mistake on his resume didn't work out so well. Yahoo's seemingly endless leadership struggles came to another crossroads May 13 when the executive board fired CEO Scott Thompson and replaced him with Executive Vice President Ross Levinsohn as interim CEO. Levinsohn, 58, is Executive Vice President of Yahoo's "Americas" businesses, where he oversees the US, Canada, Latin and South American businesses for the Internet search and services company.

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  • IBM SmartCloud Helps Empower Medical Workers in Haiti

    IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that its cloud technology is being used as part of an effort to improve healthcare delivery in Haiti through a collaboration with ‘Colleagues In Care’ Global Health Network. The organization is using IBM cloud-based social analytics and collaboration services to provide the global network of healthcare volunteers with immediate access to critical data and information for the current healthcare needs of the Haitian citizens. The network consists of about 200 doctors, ...

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  • ATandT Upgrading Some 2G Bandwidth to 3G, 4G in New York City

    ATT and New York City mobile subscribers haven't always been on the best of terms—crummy iPhone coverage can do that—but on May 23 ATT did New York a solid, reallocating some 2G bandwidth to far speedier 3G and 4G networks. "Dedicating more capacity to our advanced wireless networks will help more of our customers in New York City have a better experience overall," Tom DeVito, vice president and general manager for ATT in New York and New Jersey said in a statement. "By re-allocating network resources from our ...

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