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  • Microsoft Corners Another Android Manufacturer on Patents

    Microsoft has entered into a patent agreement with Velocity Micro, a maker of Android-based tablets. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed by either company. Velocity Micro’s Cruz tablets target the "value" audience, with price-points below most other Android devices on the market. The 7-inch Cruz T301 e-reader retails for $199.99 and runs Android 2.2, supporting applications such as Facebook and Twitter, while the $149.99 Cruz R101 e-reader runs Android 2.0 and comes stocked with Borders e-books.  This marks the second time in ...

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  • Six IT Skills With Rising Pay, and Four Certifications Paying Less

    How much are your IT skills worth? Well, it depends on your particular area of specialization. According to research firm Foote Partners' IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index, updated for the first quarter of 2011, pay premiums for certain certifications have hit their lowest point in years—even as certain noncertified skills have seen a significant uptick in pay.  "Our survey is showing the lowest average pay for an IT certification since our ...

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  • IT Skills Paying More, but Salaries for Some Certifications Decline

    How much are your IT skills worth on the open market? While that depends on any number of factors—for starters, the salary for a particular skillset can vary wildly from company to company—it appears that certain specializations are on the rise when it comes to average pay. At least, that’s according to research firm Foote Partners LLC’s IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index, updated for the first quarter of 2011. However, the firm also noted something interesting in its data: Even as ...

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  • HP Drops Three Key Execs From Day-to-Day Operations

    Hewlett-Packard CEO Léo Apotheker and a reconfigured board of directors made some key changes June 13 in the company's leadership, relieving three longtime executives of their positions. On the way out of HP's day-to-day operations management after 29 years is Ann Livermore, 52, whose current position is head of HP Enterprise Services. Livermore, however, has been offered a spot on the HP board and will remain as the interim chief of Enterprise Services until a permanent replacement can be found. Livermore had been considered a candidate ...

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  • Cloud Storage Gains Traction as Demand for Data Backup Increases: AMI Report

    The proliferation of hackers, natural disasters and unstable market conditions are all significant drivers for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. to seek backup and storage platforms for their company’s data and email in the cloud. Pressure to reduce costs, improve flexibility, and maintain privacy of sensitive data also lures SMBs to invest in cloud storage. Furthermore, for mobile SMB employees, cloud storage is an attractive tool for backing-up and storing data while ...

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