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  • Microsoft Hotmail Tackles Unwanted Graymail

    Not all unwanted email flooding inboxes can be classified as spam, and Microsoft appears to be one of the few companies paying attention to cleaning up the other types of emails that get through spam filters. Malicious email, or messages specifically sent to distribute malware, is usually not defined as spam, according to Avi Turiel, director of product marketing at Commtouch. While the messages may look like spam, promising information about a product or topic of interest, the messages are different from traditional ...

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  • Dell Latitude 10 Tablet Essentials Package Aimed at Small Businesses

    The Latitude 10 essentials configuration with 64GB of storage is available, starting at $579, and the 32GB version will be available in the coming months at $499. Computer maker Dell announced the latest configuration ...

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  • Rackspace Spins Off OpenStack Cloud Computing Project to New Foundation

    A little over a year after NASA and hosting company Rackspace launched OpenStack, the open-source cloud-computing project is being spun off to an independent foundation to drive future development efforts. Rackspace announced the spin-off and the establishment of the OpenStack Foundation at the OpenStack Conference in Boston on Oct. 6. The trademark and copyrights will be transferred to the not-for-profit foundation once it is operational. The structure and the processes are still under discussion, and Rackspace will gather feedback about those from the ...

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  • AT&T Extends Apple FaceTime to More Users, but Not Everyone

    ATT will soon make FaceTime over Cellular available to tiered-plan users. Critics say ATT is still in violation of Net Neutrality principles.  ATT continues to adjust its stance on Apple's FaceTime video-conferencing application. The carrier prefers ...

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  • Gartner Projects Data Center Hardware Market to Hit $99B in 2011

    Who says the future of IT is all in software? All software has to run on some sort of processor, physical or virtual, and all those have to run on something you can see and touch. And with the continuing deluge of data pouring into servers and storage arrays, there is no shortage of processors happening anytime soon. Thus, IT hardware sales are going nowhere but up and to the right. Gartner has some new numbers that back up this trend. The industry researcher ...

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