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  • Microsoft LightSwitch Turns on the Power of Rapid App Development

    LightSwitch is a rapid application development (RAD) tool created by Microsoft. In its original version, released in 2010, any applications you created with it ran under the Silverlight runtime. But with the advent of HTML5, Microsoft decided to step LightSwitch up a notch and give it the ability to create HTML5 applications without needing Silverlight. That opens up a lot of doors for developers. LightSwitch is incredibly easy to use, and the resulting applications have ...

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  • U.S. Congressional Report Accuses China, Russia of Cyber-Espionage

    A U.S. government report has directly accused China and Russia of conducting cyber-espionage campaigns against American companies. Cyber-espionage attempts by China and Russia are a "pervasive threat" to the United States and surpasses traditional forms of spying, the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive wrote in a report to Congress released Nov. 3. "Foreign Spies Stealing US Economic Secrets in Cyberspace" departed from diplomatic language and directly named China and Russia, instead of accusing unnamed "foreign nation-states" for backing cyber-attacks. These types of attacks ...

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  • More Surface Pro 128GB Tablet Shipments on the Way

    Shoppers will have to wait a bit longer to get a Microsoft's 128GB Surface Pro tablet. Will this let Apple cement the iPad's place in the enterprise? After days of fielding complaints regarding the lack ...

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  • Amazon Kindle Fire Will Have A Huge Launch: 10 Reasons Why

    Amazon Kindle Fire Will Have A Huge Launch: 10 Reasons Why ( Page 1 of 2 ) will launch the Kindle Fire Nov. 15. When it does, everyone from Apple CEO Tim Cook to the first customer to place a preorder for the tablet will be anxious to find out if it can live up to the hype. For Amazon, there is a lot riding on the Kindle Fire. If the device succeeds, ...

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  • IBM Mobility Services Lead the Pack: Forrester

    A recent Forrester report says that IBM is the leader in delivering mobility services to enterprise customers. Forrester Research has cited IBM as a leader in enterprise mobility services for the role IBM Interactive is ...

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