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  • iPhone 5 and 10 Other Smartphones Offering Larger Displays

    In a world full of mobile devices, what else can smartphone makers do to distinguish their phones from the others? When it comes to the latest wave of smartphones, a large, high-quality display is a major selling point and clearly the most visible component of the handset. As more users connect to the mobile Web to view and download content—video content, in particular—having a larger screen translates to a better viewing experience. It now ...

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  • IBM`s New Cloud Offering Bolsters Smarter Commerce Strategy

    IBM (NYSE: IBM) continues to work to improve its cloud computing strategy, offering new features and focus with each iteration and flavor. Most recently, IBM announced new software designed to improve data sharing and automate marketing and supply chain processes in the cloud. At its Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Madrid, IBM announced new cloud software to help marketers improve customer service, increase marketing effectiveness and reduce operational costs. The new offerings leverage IBM’s cloud expertise ...

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  • Microsoft Readies Skype Preinstallation Kit for Windows 7 PC OEMs: Report

    VoIP Solutions, IP Telephony and Unified Communications - eWeek ...

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  • HP Charges Oracle Left It High and Dry Over Itanium

    Oracle has spent a great deal of time and attorney's fees in court the last year and a half, battling with longtime European competitor SAP for weeks in late 2010 and just a week ago concluding a two-years-in-the-making, six-week-long court date with Google. Both were over copyright infringement, and Oracle was the plaintiff in each. Oracle is batting .500 here, prevailing in the clash with SAP involving stolen software and losing against Google over fair ...

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  • Apple Apps Favored Over Android by Developers: Flurry

    Google’s Android delivers “less gain and more pain” for application developers, compared with Apple’s iOS, says a June 7 report from analytics firm Flurry. The news comes as Apple prepares for 2012 World Wide Developers Conference, which starts June 11. Apple and Google, with their competing platforms, represent one of the more dramatic rivalries in an industry where developer support can determine the winners and losers. Flurry offers analytics, and so is an ...

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