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  • IT Job Market Turbulent, But Opportunities Abound

    A sudden and unexpected burst in private-sector downsizing pushed the number of announced job cuts to a 16-month high of 66,414 in July, according the latest report on downsizing activity released this week by outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray Christmas. Similarly depressing figures regarding the U.S. job market have made headlines for the past few months, but IT professionals can take comfort in some more encouraging news. The July surge in job cuts was dominated by a flurry of large layoffs by a ...

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  • Microsoft Working on a Mini Xbox Surface Tablet: Report

    Microsoft will soon have large and small tablets, just like Apple, according The Verge, whose sources confirm that a 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet is in the works. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised to leave nothing Apple ...

    Posted at November 7, 2012 | By : | Categories : Blog | 3,370 Comments
  • IBM CEO Palmisano Reflects on Company’s 100 Years

    IBM CEO Palmisano Reflects on Company's 100 Years ( Page 1 of 3 )MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- IBM is relishing its celebration of 100 years in business in 2011, and with good reason. Few enterprises ever rise to the lofty level of respect the huge corporation has earned during the last century. There aren't many secrets about how IBM rose to the top, despite a couple of major economic depressions, two World Wars ...

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  • Apple, Android Vendor HTC Settle Patent-Infringement Fights

    Under the deal, Apple and HTC will now have a 10-year licensing agreement for current and future patents, ending a more than two-year legal battle. Apple and HTC have settled their two-and-a-half-year-old legal fight over charges ...

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  • RIM, Nokia Facing Do-or-Die Challenges

    Not so long ago, Research In Motion and Nokia dominated the mobile world. Legions of executives relied on RIM’s BlackBerry devices to feed them email and messages, and millions of consumers used Nokia phones to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.  Then Apple’s iPhone came along, followed by Google Android, Palm’s webOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. These competitors not only crowded the mobile space, but sparked an innovation race in software and hardware. Nokia ...

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