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  • Google Nexus Mobile Devices: How They Shape Up Against Apple Products

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Google is getting serious about competing in the mobile market with three Nexus devices that take aim at Apple’s popular mobile products. Google is ready for a fight with Apple. The company recently ...

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  • Why IBM is the Most Innovative Company in IT

    Why IBM Is the Most Innovative Company in IT ( Page 1 of 3 )IBM is the most innovative company in IT, period. The Aug. 8 issue of Forbes contains a list of what the well-heeled magazine sees as the “World’s Most Innovative Companies.” The print edition ranks 50 companies, and if you go online there are an additional 50 companies ranked. Yet, in that list of 100, Forbes did not see fit to include IBM. That is ...

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  • Obama Post-Victory Tweet Breaks Record, Shows Power of Social Media

    A Tweet by President Obama's campaign staff after he won re-election Nov. 6 quickly became the most-retweeted Twitter contribution in history, far-outranking the old record previously set by Justin Bieber. Within minutes of President Barack Obama's ...

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  • Samsung Galaxy R Runs ‘Gingerbread’ on Nvidia Tegra 2

    Samsung Electronics unveiled the Samsung Galaxy R smartphone, a handset that runs Google's Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" operating system powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 dual-core chip. The device,which measures almost 5 inches long and weighs only 4 ounces, is available now in Sweden, but is coming to north and eastern Europe, southeast and southwest Asia, Middle East Asia, and China soon. Pricing was not revealed at this juncture. With an unusually-sized 4.19-inch WVGA LCD touchscreen (800-by-480 resolution), the ...

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  • Neighboring Virtual Machine Able to Sniff Out Encrypted Data: Study

    Despite logical isolation, a malicious virtual machine could sniff out significant information from a targeted VM running on the same platform, according to an academic research paper. Virtualization may provide logical barriers that protect systems running ...

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