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  • RIM, Nokia Facing Do-or-Die Challenges

    Not so long ago, Research In Motion and Nokia dominated the mobile world. Legions of executives relied on RIM’s BlackBerry devices to feed them email and messages, and millions of consumers used Nokia phones to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.  Then Apple’s iPhone came along, followed by Google Android, Palm’s webOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. These competitors not only crowded the mobile space, but sparked an innovation race in software and hardware. Nokia ...

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  • Google Is Latest Suitor of Spectrum-Rich Dish Network

    As Dish Network awaits FCC approval of its satellite-related spectrum, Google has joined partnership-hopefuls ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile. Dish Network, the satellite TV provider, has compiled a good amount of wireless spectrum—the mobile industry's most aggressively ...

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  • HP Looks Panicky as It Dumps Valuable Mobile, Consumer Product Assets

    HP Looks Panicky as It Dumps Valuable Mobile, Consumer Product Assets ( Page 1 of 2 )HP’s Aug. 18 announcement that it was getting out of the consumer business by simply shutting down its newly built-up mobile division and trying to sell its consumer PC business makes one wonder just how carefully management considered this action. This sudden announcement smacks of a panicked reaction to what should be short-term market setbacks. The day ...

    Posted at August 20, 2011 | By : | Categories : Blog | 1,361 Comments
  • Facebook, Twitter Influence Holiday Shopping Habits

    Social networking sites are more likely to influence holiday shoppers’ spending habits than hardware like smartphones or tablets. Holiday shoppers’ behaviors will continue to be heavily influenced by social media, but not necessarily by their mobile ...

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  • Heroku to Java: Welcome to Our Cloud

    Heroku, a cloud application platform provider, has announced support for Java on its cloud platform. The addition of Java for Heroku adds another popular language and helps to round out the company’s strategy of delivering a polyglot language platform. In May, Heroku rolled out its Celadon Cedar stack that was touted to be able to run any language. Java is the fourth official language available on the Cedar stack, said Heroku co-founder Adam ...

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