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  • Internal Threats Top Security Concerns for IT Pros: Wisegate

    CISOs need to be creative and tap into their in-house experts in marketing and training to help any awareness program be successful, a Wisegate report said. Specific threats like the latest virus or distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks ...

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  • iPhone, Android Smartphones Can Be Used as Keyloggers: Researchers

    Researchers were able to use accelerometers in a smartphone to track what a user sitting nearby was typing on a desktop computer. In a paper presented at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security on Oct. 20, MIT and Georgia Tech researchers described a scenario in which a malicious adversary could place a smartphone on the table close to the target and use the accelerometer to analyze vibrations and snoop what was being typed. Most modern smartphones have accelerometers to detect ...

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  • Twitter Becomes Flu Tracking Tool for Johns Hopkins Researchers

    Johns Hopkins Medical School computer scientists are turning to Twitter to track flu cases as the seasonal epidemic for the winter of 2012-2013 reaches its peak. An ordinary tweet about a case of the flu just ...

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  • Axcient Unveils Cloud Continuity Platform

    Data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery service provider Axcient announced the launch of Cloud Continuity, a service aimed at small to medium-size businesses that enables companies to launch all of their servers in Axcient's cloud. When local servers fail, users can run a virtual office on Axcient's cloud platform, enabling employees to continue working on their data and applications, and from any Internet-enabled device at any location. The company said Cloud Continuity can ...

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  • Automated Disaster Recovery: 10 Facts and Fiction Data Points

    In the wake of recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, disaster recovery—as might be expected—has become a particularly hot topic among IT administrators. DR certainly has always been crucial, not only in defending against natural disasters but also against human error and equipment failure, both of which are far more prevalent. Whatever the cause, after disaster strikes, IT administrators can spend hours following complex steps packed with reboots to get their organizations back up ...

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