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  • Online Privacy Tools Don’t Work Well, CMU Researchers Find

    There's some bad news out of Carnegie Mellon University for Internet users concerned about effectively managing their  online privacy. The online privacy management tools don't appear to work all that well, researchers found. CMU researchers observed 45 participants using nine tools that supposedly limited online behavioral advertising or blocked access to online advertisements and found that protections are "fundamentally flawed." CyLab researchers released the report, "Why Johnny Can't Opt Out: A Usability Evaluation of Tools ...

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  • Microsoft’s Business Troubles Concentrated in 10 Prominent Products

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft is facing a lot more competitive challenges in markets that it used to dominate. Those challenges are represented in the following 10 products. When one examines Microsoft’s financial performance, it’s hard to believe ...

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  • RSA Adds SecurID Two-Factor Authentication to Microsoft Azure Cloud

    Organizations can now use their SecurID two-factor authentication deployments to secure cloud applications running on Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), RSA Security said. Users will be able to add multi-factor authentication into Office 365 applications, including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Azure, and still use Active Directory roles to control authentication for both on-premise applications and cloud systems, EMC-subsidiary RSA Security said Nov. 7. ADFS allows customers to use their Active Directory roles in the cloud to achieve single sign capabilities for corporate ...

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  • Google’s Brin, Facebook’s Zuckerberg Help Fund $3 Million Science Awards

    The life sciences awards, which will recognize research aimed at curing intractable human diseases, are being sponsored by some technology kingpins. Leaders from Google, Facebook and Group have come together to fund five $3 million ...

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  • Aruba Networks Acquires Avenda Systems to Enhance BYOD Security Portfolio

    Aruba Networks will buy privately held Avenda Systems to bolster its network security portfolio to help organizations protect personal devices being used in the enterprise. Aruba Networks will offer enterprises a single management console that can secure all devices being used within the enterprise and apply consistent security policies, Hitesh Sheth, chief operating officer at Aruba said on a Nov. 18 call with analysts. Users can connect mobile devices to secure WiFi networks without needing to involve the IT department. The acquisition of Avenda ...

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