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  • Mass SQL Injection Attacks Uses Automated Tools, Search to Infect New Sites

    Security researchers monitoring mass SQL injection attacks warned the latest one may be nearing a million infected pages using a combination of automated tools and reconnaissance using search engines. The "Lilupophilupop" SQL injection campaign has infected a little over a million URLs since it was first detected in early December, according to a post on the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center. The security firm detected only 80 corrupted URLs when it first noticed the campaign. Mark Hofman, ...

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  • HP’s Autonomy: 10 Ways It’s Contributing to HP’s Software Story

    The last 12 months have seen increased integration and innovation between Hewlett-Packard and HP Autonomy, the company it bought in October 2011. HP Autonomy's core intellectual property, the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), helps companies extract value from vast amounts of largely unstructured information. IDOL helps organizations derive context and meaning from these massive amounts of information so that they can be more successful. From information governance to Web content management, digital marketing, enterprise content ...

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  • Huawei Ascend Ice Cream Sandwich Smartphones Storm CES

    LAS VEGAS—Huawei is a leading smartphone provider in Asia, providing low-cost Android smartphones targeting the low-end of the market at a time when Samsung has positively dominated Android handset sales worldwide. Huawei also wants to move deeper into the U.S. market, and it could well do so with its latest models. Here at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Huawei just unleashed three interesting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich handsets that we can't imagine would ...

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  • apples-siri-voice-clip-storage-policy-raises-privacy-concerns

    NEWS ANALYSIS: For the first six months the files are associated through a random number tied to your copy of Siri, but after that, the number is stripped. Apple’s revelation to Wired that it stores ...

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  • FBI Shuts Down Megaupload File-Sharing Site With Online Piracy Indictments

    FBI Shuts Down Megaupload File-Sharing Site With Online Piracy Indictments ( Page 1 of 2 ) Just a day after a 24-hour blackout of popular websites such as Wikipedia, Reddit and BoingBoing protested a pair of controversial anti-piracy bill making their way through Congress, federal law enforcement stepped in and shut down one of the world's largest file-sharing sites. The 72-page indictment, unsealed Jan. 19, accuses seven individuals and two corporations, ...

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